California Acceleration Project, Day 1 #SOL18

March 8, 2018

So I’m sitting in this training today, and it is interesting and important but also kind of boring because I hate meetings where we sit and listen to lectures, so I need to have something else to do (this is where my best friend says, “mmhmm and you DON’T have ADHD?”). Hence, I will make a list of random things that occur to me during this session. It’s all day. (Did I mention it’s all day?)


For background, the law in California is changing for student completion of transfer-level (aka 101) English, so the conference is all about acceleration to get students who would typically place below transfer to complete transfer-level courses within in one academic year.


1. We just found out that the community college in Baltimore County caps their comp classes at 20, and we all just died a little bit inside.


2. Also, shout-out to my alma mater, University of Maryland Baltimore County.


3. I was wide awake when I came in this room, btw. Now I just want a nap.


4. My coworker who definitely has ADHD is doing a better job paying attention and taking notes than I am. (I know because I am looking at his notes.)

5. New presenter, and she was sitting at our table!


6. The class max at her school is 35 students. Everyone let out a collective “oof.”


7. Happy to hear that at her school part-time faculty get healthcare! And they have been redesigning their course structures to ensure they can keep their benefits.


8. 0% of the black students at her school placed into transfer-level English before the school moved to an acceleration model. That means ALL of them were placed in basic skills (previously known as a remedial).


9. My boss just popped up in the back of the room. So I waved to her.


10. New presenter! I got distracted trying to organize my daughter’s gift (her birthday is tomorrow), so I kind of zoned out for a bit. The speaker is talking about placement measures. I am (obviously) not that interested in this part.


11. I popped a piece of hard candy in my mouth, and my coworker very nicely asked me if I could have it, and since there’s no ingredient list, I spit it out. She apologized, but I pointed out that she was right, so…you know.


12. They keep talking about “affective domain” and “affective” issues, so now I’m going to have to look those terms up. I think I know what they mean based on context clues, but I need to know for sure.


13. It would be nice if they gave us a break before lunch. Not just so I can pee, but also maybe grab a snack (because of course I left my snack).


14. Okay, we’re about to have team time, which means we can take a break, FINALLY.


15. Back from lunch. I could eat almost everything there. Whew.


16. Lobby music on point. “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera was playing the first time I went to the bathroom, “If You Had My Love” by Jennifer Lopez the second.


17. Just tried to chew a piece of gum and it gave me a headache.


18. I’m a good teacher, and I like being around good teachers. But I also sometimes get really intimidated by really good teachers.
And that’s it for today. Tomorrow should be more workshops that have less lecturing. We’ll see.

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  1. lgerbocnaulangi

    This is hilarious! It reminds me of when my dad goes to church…he thinks about other things besides church (especially golfing) and it cracks us all up! I’m wondering what my students’ list would look like if they did this during one of my lessons! :) I sure hope the next day’s workshops are better! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. mrsday75

    This is too funny. The things that go through our brains as we sit in lectures :) Don’t you wonder sometimes what goes through our students heads during their day?

  3. Elisabeth Ellington

    This is so funny and brought back so many memories of my pinball machine brain every time I’m at a training like this. I don’t even try to hide the multitasking anymore, though. If you want me to pay attention, give me a reason to pay attention! Because otherwise, I’m going to be reading and commenting on blogs, searching for new books on Amazon, planning my lessons, grading papers, etc.

    • Akilah

      I would have done more than make a list if I hadn’t been sitting right in the front of the room. Even with the privacy screen, that would be a bit much for me.

  4. Amanda Regan

    What a great idea! I will have to remember this next time I’m stuck in a boring meeting. How dedicated I will seem to be taking notes! I enjoyed reading your random thoughts throughout the day.

    • Akilah

      Yes! The illusion of taking notes is also a plus.


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