Feelings: I have them

November 7, 2017

I just woke up from a 20-minute nap and then my alarm to get ready for bed went off. So I’m not even going to type up what I normally do here because you can all guess. (Starts with “I’m” ends with “tired.”)

Facebook reminds me that I was regretting my life choices at this time last year. That’s because I was teaching an overload and didn’t know up from down or right from left. I am not teaching an overload this semester (and hopefully will not have to again), but I have been feeling overwhelmed. I guess a cross country move and two new preps coupled with four straight hours of teaching four days a week will do that.

I got up to pee but sat back down before I did and I am now regretting that choice. So I guess I get to regret something today, huh?

In extremely personal news (I guess the previous paragraph doesn’t count), I started therapy to help with the BIG CHANGES I’ve made in my life. (They include moving across the country, starting a new job, leaving my entire support network behind, being farther apart from my daughter for the longest we’ve ever been apart, and starting a brand new life in a brand new place from scratch. You know, SMALL THINGS.)

We got to talk about feelings today. It was just as much fun as you might imagine. The short version is that the therapist suggested I print out a feelings list. Because I  lost my old one.  (Which, you know, is a bit too on the nose metaphorically speaking, if you ask me.)

For those who don’t know, a feelings list helps you name your feelings if you rely on saying things like “annoyed” or “upset” to describe how you’re feeling.

So that should give you a pretty complete picture of me.

Five more weeks until the semester is over. Activate countdown mode.

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  1. Brian Rozinsky

    Whew. The climb sounds steep, but your tone is tonic. (if you ask me, your voice here sounds a little like the character Mark Watney in _The Martian_.) Keep climbing. And getting sleep, too 🙂

  2. K E Garland

    Therapy is a good step. I recommend it for EVERYONE. Something else that helps me is to verbally name how I’m feeling and actually feel it, instead of suppressing. Wishing you peace as you continue 💜

    • Akilah

      I am also a big fan! We are working towards that whole name how I feel thing since I like my code words.

  3. Alissa Nguyen

    Stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow, and I can tell that the steps you’re taking that you’re definitely growing! Feelings are always important to express and I’m glad you did through this week’s slice.


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