Long day, failed pie #sol17

March 18, 2017

Well, I attempted this cinnamon pie. It did not turn out well at all. My mistake was not mixing the wet ingredients with the dry BEFORE mixing in the milk. I knew as soon as I looked at the recipe again that I screwed it up. Oh well. I’ll see if putting it in the fridge makes a difference (I’m not counting on it).

No pictures because it is just that unappealing looking.

Today was another long day: up at 5:30 to get my car serviced, off to a six-hour meeting at church, home for a brief (too brief) nap, coffee shop to meet a friend, drop something off to my parents’ and chat with them for a bit, then home for some TV time.

And now I’m writing this to get it posted in time for the challenge.

And tomorrow there is even more to do. I’m trying not to think about it all too much.

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  1. Brian Rozinsky

    I’m crossing my fingers and hoping bad cinnamon pie is still deliciously awesome, if visually unappealing. Consider burying it under ice cream or yogurt or sour cream — like a fruit crumble?

    • Akilah

      Maybe under ice cream–not so sure that it would play well with yogurt or sour cream.

  2. hollymueller

    I can’t imagine that cinnamon pie could go terribly wrong! Sounds like you have a very busy schedule. Hope you get some rest this weekend!

  3. Kristi Lonheim (@lonheim)

    As you see, there are plenty of willing tasters! 🙂 Hang in there and may you find space in your schedule soon.

  4. Ms Victor Reads

    Cinnamon pie sounds yummy! I hope it was better than it looked and your Sunday was a bit easier than you anticipated.

  5. GirlGriot

    I’m betting cinnamon pie tastes good even when it’s not photogenic! 🙂

  6. Classroom Liner Notes

    I’m sorry about your pie. I hope it tasted good enough to eat. Sometimes, that is enough. Then, chalk it up to science and keep it moving. You made a pie!!!


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