Suspicious Activity #SOL18

March 5, 2018

Well, all of that generous giving I did Saturday night wasn’t without consequence. I went to buy something for myself yesterday, and my card got declined. Turns out the fraud department was very concerned about all of those unusual purchases. 😂 As soon as I logged onto online banking and saw the error message, I knew that was why.

bart credit card

Speaking of suspicious activity, I went to a party yesterday to watch the Oscars (which was fun), and I brought my laptop so I could liveblog/tweet it (which I did not actually do that much of. I think I sent maybe one tweet). Because I clearly wasn’t thinking straight, I had my laptop in its sleeve but didn’t bring my backpack. And I wound up having to park not that close to where the party was held. So I looked like an easy mark walking down the street holding my laptop in my arms after dark.

get out scared

The good news is that the neighborhood the party was in is pretty safe. The bad news is I have seen Get Out and always get creeped out walking in nice neighborhoods after dark now. So if you want to know why I don’t generally watch horror movies, now you know.

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  1. VanessaVaile

    I backtrack to find out what those suspicious purchases were. Don’t know about the error message — they did not seem suspicious to me, but then I do the same thing as much as I can, maybe on a smaller scale due to ss limitations,

  2. Elisabeth Ellington

    I have totally been that person carrying my laptop in my arms because I forgot my bag. But I’m afraid I borrow my life philosophy from Pangloss, so I always assume that everything will work out for the best in this best of all possible worlds.


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