H is for Holes #AtoZChallenge #PandemicAlphabet

Holes came up in a Twitter discussion sparked by my Ella Enchanted post, and in that moment, I realized how absolutely perfectly it fits my theme.

I realize when I say Holes, you may be wondering if I mean the Newbery and National Book Award winning novel written by Louis Sachar or the movie adaptation starring Shia LaBeouf and also written by Louis Sachar.

I know it may come as a shock, but the answer to that is yes. Yes, of course I’m talking about both.

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#SomethingonSunday: Five Favorite Psych Moments

Psych the Movie premieres this Thursday, and LORD WILLING, I will be in the room where it happens at the Los Angeles premiere tomorrow night. This show makes me so happy, and I am so excited for this whole week because of it, so here are five of my favorite* moments from the show.

*Please note that I have many favorite moments, so this list is not in any way exhaustive. Nor am I saying these are the best. Just some moments that I love. Also, the ones that I could find clips of on YouTube.

1. Shawn and Gus running out of the sorority house in “Scary Sherry”

The actual best part isn’t in the clip. It turns out the driver’s side window was down the whole time because Gus sticks his hand through it to unlock the door. 😂

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P is for Psych

I love this show so much. I love Shawn and Gus both with my whole heart SO MUCH and you can’t make me choose which one of them I love more because NO. Also, they are a package deal anyway.

Gus thumbs up

This is one of the only shows that I have rewatched on purpose. (I mean, if a rerun of a show comes on in syndication, I’ll watch it, but rewatching shows is not something I normally do.) But with Psych, I will usually seek out specific episodes, especially if I’m in a crummy mood and need a pick me up. My usual go to for that is American Duos.

It’s not in the clip, but the actual best part of the audition is afterwards when Juliet says, “I can’t be seen with you. And not just because we’re undercover.” Her look of disgust is perfection, and I laugh every single time. Every. Single. Time.

Also, I have named my cell phone Gus “TT” Showbiz. The extra T is for extra talent, don’t you know?

I was going to buy a Yaris just so I could have my very own Blueberry. (I would have settled for ANY car in that color, to be honest. But I may or may not have sought the Yaris out specifically for that reason.)

This clip never fails to make me laugh. Context not needed.

They are amazing, and I love them. Also, please note the badass that is Juliet, consistently proving her badassery. And I haven’t even talked about Lassiter! Or Shawn’s dad! Or even the Chief!

So, basically, I love everything about this show, but especially this, one of the greatest exchanges in television history:

black people Psych


All of your arguments are invalid, forever. Gus just shut them ALL down.


A to Z 2016

For the A to Z challenge, I’m blogging about fannish pursuits (aka things I’m a fan of or have strong feelings about). Tune in tomorrow to see what I picked for Q!