Book Review: The Selection

When I picked up The Selection by Kiera Cass (336 pages), it was exactly what I needed at the time: something fluffy and light. Plus, look at that cover with the pretty,...

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Book Review: Son

The Product was what they had carved out of her. And she missed it. She was suffused with a desperate feeling of loss. I feel like Son by Lois Lowry is a gift to readers of...

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Mini Reviews: Fiction

As I said in my previous post, I am really far behind, so mini reviews! Some of these date back to October, just to give a clue at how far behind I am. ...

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Book Review: The Surrogates

Surrogates are a vain attempt to improve upon God's already perfect will.  They represent the worst efforts of men to supercede God and become gods themselves. I picked up The...

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Book Review: Among the Hidden

"I am a third child!  I want to be treated like everyone else!" When I did my independent study at Iowa State University, the professor book talked Margaret Peterson Haddix's...

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