#AMonthofFaves on the TV Screen 2022

Today’s A Month of Faves prompt is the year in books, but there are still two whole days left in the year and I may finish another book before then, so I’m catching up on the prompt from Dec. 23:

#AMonthofFaves On the Screen or in Your Ear. What did you watch this year that you absolutely loved? Did you see any movies inspired by books you’ve read – what did you think? Or, what are some of your favorite podcasts, audiobooks or songs / albums that you listened to and have on repeat.


Just like last year, I’m going to break this up into two posts, one for movies and one for TV. Also just like last year, I’m going to lament the fact that figuring out what new TV I watched this year was hard. However, unlike last year, that one is probably my own fault as I had more than one person recommend a TV tracking app to me that I never used, so, you know. I really had no excuse. Plus, I deleted my Twitter account since the takeover, and it is past the point of recovery so your guess is as good as mine about what I watched prior to June. Anyway, let’s get into it.

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J is for Jeopardy! #AtoZChallenge

More specifically, the Jeopardy! production schedule.

(Also, as a note, I will not be using the exclamation point going forward. But as always, I want to acknowledge that it is part of the official show title.)

All I know about the Jeopardy production schedule is that they film all the episodes for the week on one day (and I learned that from a middle grade novel. Reading: it really is fundamental).

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It’s Tuesday! I’m reading some things.

I think that four-hour nap threw me off my game yesterday because I totally didn’t realize it was Monday so missed my Monday wrap-up. So here it is on a Tuesday.

1. I’m still blogging my way through NaBloPoMo. Posts from the past week with a heavy emphasis on poetry for some reason:

2. Praise the TV gods: The Good Place has been renewed for season three.

The Good Place Janet clapping

3. I didn’t finish any books this past week, so I’m still making my way through these two:

And Then There Were None

Warcross by Marie Lu

Pictured: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and Warcross by Marie Lu

4. I wore jeans to work today (for this first time all semester!), which may have made me a touch too relaxed with my students. We talked about gangsta rap (which I just call “rap,” I told them), I told suggested one student to stop studying something he wasn’t interested in, and I am pretty sure there was something about food in there. Oh, right. The one student said the granola bar he ate for breakfast didn’t count as food because he ate it in two bites. “That’s not even a snack,” he said. “That’s a taste.”

5. I am supposed to be packing for my trip up to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving, but instead I have officially started powering down. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not having office hours tomorrow.

6. Related to that last point, I have been grading so slowly these past few days. I should be speeding through these grammar reviews, and instead I have graded one set per day. Do you know the semester is almost over? And there are other things to grade? This does not bode well is what I’m saying.

7. The Jeopardy! tournament of champions just ended, and I am pleased by the winner. In fact, I actually liked all of the contestants this go ’round, and I don’t think that has ever happened before.

8. I finally put up my tree. It is pre-lit, so the decorating is already halfway done. Perhaps I shall add the ornaments before the weekend is out?

9. The coolest thing about my apartment is that I have a fireplace, which means I can actually hang stockings over it. First time ever! Too bad I won’t be here for Christmas. 🙃 But still!

10. There is no number ten.

J is for Jeopardy!

I have very strong feelings about Jeopardy! (I am not going to use the exclamation point going forward because it makes me seem more excited/upset than I am. But I do want to acknowledge the exclamation point exists and is part of the actual title for the show. Moving on.)

via Logopedia
via Logopedia


Most of them are, of course, related to Alex Trebek.

He is so smug! And it is exasperating. Newsflash, Alex: you only know all of the answers because they’re RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.


I find him the most insufferable when he is shocked the contestants actually know the answers, however. I mean, these people were chosen for knowing random stuff nobody else knows or cares about. (Except me. I care. I learn things when I watch Jeopardy.)

My friend said her grandmother wrote in to complain about Alex being condescending toward female contestants, and I have noticed that he can be particularly patronizing to young, pretty women. He’ll say things like, “That’s right, young lady!” Which…I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that to a young, male contestant. (I’m talking about during the regular shows, not the kids, teen, or college tournaments.)

Another friend sent me the link to this vid of Alex laughing at a contestant just to make sure I knew how smug he really is/can be:

Oh, Alex.


Anyway, I also get frustrated with the contestants, especially the ones who blow a runaway with stupid wagering. Alex actually had to give a “how not to bid dumb” a couple of weeks ago.

It is really simple math, people. I mean.

Unfortunately, teachers seem to be the WORST at this since I see the most flagrant and terrible wagering during the Teachers Tournament. I mean, it is awful.

I also get 100% upset when the contestants don’t know stuff that I do. So I guess I am like Alex in that regard.

To end this on a positive note, I do really enjoy Jeopardy 99% of the time. I don’t know enough to ever be on it, but I know enough to keep up with most of the categories. I also used to have a tag on my LJ “stuff Jeopardy teaches me” because I do learn things when I watch, and that’s probably my favorite part of the show. (It is my favorite part of the show.) I am a nerd. What can I say?

A to Z 2016


For the A to Z challenge, I’m blogging about fannish pursuits (aka things I’m a fan of or have strong feelings about). Tune in tomorrow to see what I picked for K!