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V is for Vaccine #PandemicAlphabet #SOL21

It started with a group text. There I was, up at 1 a.m. doing who knows what (scrolling a social media site, most likely) when my phone lit up with a notification. It was one...

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A is for Anniversary #PandemicAlphabet

You know I have tried to write this post a bunch of times and a bunch of different ways, so I think I am going to stop trying to be profound and deep and just be honest. One...

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It’s Wednesday & I have an ashy eye

Okay, I'm going to get into the ashy eye story in a minute, but also I just want you to know that I got a COVID test after flying across the country, and it is negative....

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F is for Flight #PandemicAlphabet

I decided to leave California. If you've been following the news, you know the wildfires are very intense there, and the air quality is terrible. The one closest to me--the...

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W is for Water Aerobics #PandemicAlphabet

At the beginning of the pandemic, the Y closed, which was pretty bad, obviously, since as mentioned in previous entries, I was going to the gym 3-4 times per week for water...

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