So, I’m all caught up on The Flash S1…

…and it’s got me all up in my feelings. Just in time for S2 to start! So, you know, spoilers for S1 are inevitable.

I feel it important to document officially ON THE RECORD how much I love Cisco.

He is the best. (source)
He is the best. (source)


I love him with my whole heart. It is possible he is the actual best.

I also love Barry, which is good since the show revolves around him. Oh, Barry. And Joe! I do love me some Joe. I even love(d) Dr. Wells.

Do you notice who is missing from that list, though? Iris. And Caitlin.

And the thing is I don’t dislike them, but, wow, has The Flash got a female character problem. Namely, that the women are underdeveloped. I mean, I feel like I know more about the various villains of the week than I do about Iris or Caitlin. Well, except for the fact that Barry loves Iris, and Caitlin loves Ronnie. Oh, and she’s a doctor. I think Iris is also some kind of reporter or something?

(That’s a joke, guys. I know she works at the newspaper. She doesn’t really DO anything, but she does have a job there. But I digress.)

So, basically, I hope that changes this season. (Never forget that Iris is a reporter but she figured out Barry is The Flash because she touched his hand. I mean, really. That is how she figured it out. Sigh.)

But! I do not want to complain about the show! It makes me happy, even if Dr. Wells is completely dead. I love the father-son bonding that happens on ~levels~ (Barry and his dad! Barry and Joe!) and how pretty Barry and Iris are when they cry (they cry a lot). Barry getting to say good-bye to his mom may have made me feel things in my tear ducts. And my heart, I guess.

Oh, another thing I hope they fix next season is how dumb these smart people are. Was I the only one constantly disturbed by how often people walked right into STAR Labs with no one noticing until they were in the room? And how Barry and Cisco and Joe would have sensitive conversations about Dr. Wells IN THE LAB? Why were they so shocked he was watching them? There were cameras everywhere! Ugh.

Anyway, Joe continues to be amazing, and I love him. And I’m glad they kind of addressed the fact that they actually made sure the metaprisoners had something to eat. Though I guess they never have to use the bathroom.

I also enjoy Wentworth Miller chewing every available piece of scenery in every scene he is in. The camp! It makes me happy!

So, yeah, I love the show even if it did trick me into watching a show about freaking time travel. (I do not like time travel unless it involves The Terminator. Or Barry, apparently.)

Oh, I should probably mention Eddie. I’m glad he had a noble death since I found him kind of annoying. So I won’t miss him is what I’m saying. I will really miss Dr. Wells, though.

This is all over the place and is just a really long way of saying I’m ready for S2 to start. So. Let’s hope I can keep up with it this time, yeah?