Well, this got ranty. On errands.

November 4, 2017

I have a coworker who said she likes to spend her Saturday actually relaxing and not just running errands. Alas, I am not there yet. Or, at least, I’m not there at this point in the semester.

So yes, today was errand-running day. I went to Target and the grocery store. But I did also make time for self-care: I got a pedicure and put my wreath up on the door.

I was inspired by my neighbor who has his wreath up, and it is gorgeous. Every time I walk by it, I am just so happy. (This is also part of why I went to Target–I needed to get a new hanger for the door.)

Christmas is coming

I am so ready source


I should be putting up my tree in the next couple of days. But for now, the wreath will have to do.

I also went to Target to do some of my grocery shopping, and can I just say that one of the most frustrating parts of moving is that the grocery stores I’m going to do not have many of the foods I am used to eating or that I want to eat. No Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse bread, no smart pop kettle corn, no MANY THINGS THAT I WANT.

I miss Publix.

Oh my god, that reminds me that I am absolutely sick of infused water. I think this is a California thing. None of the events I have been to here have had just plain water. No! There is always fruit or CUCUMBER (*vomit*) in the water. Or there is fizzy water. All of that is a huge do not want.

Do not even get me started on the tea situation.

This is what happens when you live in the South for over 10 years. You fall in love with a grocery store and then you have to leave it behind. Sweet tea enters your soul and then you have to go a land where they have sweetened tea and do not know the difference between the two.

Also, WHY do grocery stores have hours that they are open that their deli/bakery/meat counters are not open? WHY DO THEY DO THIS? Is the store open or not? If the store is open, why isn’t that part of the store open? WHY BE OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT IF THE WHOLE STORE ISN’T OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT?

(Publix also does this. The seafood counter would be packed up almost an hour before closing time. CAN I SHOP HERE OR NOT? IS THE STORE OPEN OR NOT?)

Yeah, so this was not supposed to be a rant. But I guess these are the things on my mind.

But seriously. Why do stores do this? Just…why?

Right, so good things: I put up my wreath. I booked my travel for the holidays. I cooked dinner. I did not fall off my bike even though I had the opportunity to more than once today. (Once because I attempted to unzip my jacket, the other time because my shoe fell off as I was biking across the street. Oh, and then there was that whole trying to carry home more groceries than I comfortably could while riding my bike. I really do not recommend doing that. Also, next time I will just walk to the store so I can bring my cart.)

I have to grade tomorrow (sigh) and was sincerely going to make an effort, but I am exhausted.

errands, do not want

Current mood (source)

But I did type up the rubric so at least I can hit the ground (mostly) running tomorrow. Small victories are still victories.

I need to go to bed. I was about to complain about having to set my clocks back, so I know it’s time.

On the plus side, tomorrow I get to hang out with cool people. So there is that.

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  1. Ally Bean

    The few times I was ever in a Publix I liked them. They’re not around here at all, this being Kroger-land. But no Pepperidge Farms? How could that be?

    • Akilah

      They have the cookies, but not the bread. :/

      • Ally Bean

        Well, it’s a start…

  2. The Widow Badass

    Please tell me the difference between sweet tea and sweetened tea. I can’t for the life of me figure out what you mean. I’m Canadian and like my iced tea plain – no sugar. What do you call this?

    • Akilah

      That’s unsweet tea. Sweet tea is Southern. It will peel the enamel off your teeth. Usually the sugar is added while the tea is still hot so the sweet is in every sip. Sweetened tea is tea that has some sugar added, but it tastes more like tea than the syrup of the gods.

      • The Widow Badass

        Hehehe…syrup of the gods, I like that. Reminds me of what I call Grey Goose Vodka: drinking water of the gods. Thank Akilah!

        • Akilah

          Also, I keep trying to reply to your blog, and it’s not working :/

          • The Widow Badass

            You’re not alone. I can’t seem to get this fixed. However, another blogger told me how she manages to get her comments posted:

            “What I have learned is:
            1) if I see that my info has not auto filled in the comment section (i.e. my blog name, email address etc), I know that my comment will not post and I’ll get the white screen. If I manually enter the data, the comment will not post.

            2) my work around is that I will return to your home page and then reopen the post from your home page. It seems that every time I do that, my data will then auto fill and I can comment without issue.”

            Hope this helps!

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