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New Year, New Goals

Welp, the first week of the new year has been and gone, so I guess it's time to think about goals for 2024. Reading Goal Since I didn't post any goals for 2023, there's...

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New Layout!

In today's post, I tell you a couple of things re: the new layout of ye olde blog. My blog has a new address, so if you were following me over at Wordpress or are using an RSS...

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Dealing with Work Chicanery #SOL23

The chicanery at my job is at an all-time high. You may be thinking, "But Akilah, how is that so when you're not even at work and on sabbatical? And why chicanery and not...

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11 Random Things #SOL23

A lot has happened since my last, non strictly a reading update post, so here is a catch-up post in list form, mostly about hanging with friends. 1. I went to a taping of The...