13 Movies, 2 TV shows, and a Book

September 2, 2019

I read exactly one book in August, which brings my summer break reading total to five. So, there you go.

What I did do, apparently, was spend my time watching TV (I’m all caught up on Netflix with Schitt’s Creek and Kim’s Convenience; I also caught up on the last six or so episodes of Jane the Virgin–I’ll miss the show, but I’m glad it ended when it did, on the showrunner’s terms) and I have seen a ton of movies.

But first, the book:

Murder with Fried Chicken and Waffles (A Mahalia Watkins Mystery)Murder with Fried Chicken and Waffles by A.L. Herbert

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have mixed feelings about this book. Obviously, I liked the premise and the fact that it’s set in PG County, but the characters were aggressively stupid about some very basic things, there were a lot of loose ends that weren’t tied up or were handwaved in a way I didn’t like, and the setting wasn’t utilized nearly as much as I wanted it to be. I also had a hard time figuring out exactly when in time the story is set (2015 when published or earlier?) and exactly how old Wavonne is supposed to be.

I also really hated that Halia talked like a detective a lot of the time. Why would she ask someone their “whereabouts”? So little things like that bugged.

But I did finish the whole thing, so there’s also that.

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My non-spoilery Schitt’s Creek and Kim’s Convenience thoughts

Favorites on Schitt’s Creek:

1. Moira

moira thank you
2. David’s facial expressions

david face
3. Bob’s little jog when he approaches somebody to talk

bob run
4. Alexis’s little bunny/fox hands

alexis hands
5. Jocelyn’s thinly veiled disdain for Moira

jocelyn that was different
6. Also, Ronnie. But you knew that.

Favorites on Kim’s Convenience:

1. Umma

umma you learning
2. Kimchee
3. Shannon’s work clothes (I want them alllllll)
4. Enrique

enrique omg
5. Janet’s weak, spaghetti arms

Both shows are a joy and a delight! And about family! So you should watch them if you’e in need of something fun.

All gifs from giphy!

Right, so, brief thoughts about the movies I’ve seen this summer:

Wonder Woman — Yes, I know super late to the party here. I really liked it. WW is the best.

Amazing Grace — Whew, Aretha Franklin’s voice is so pure and wonderful here. I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t more behind the scenes stuff since I was expecting more documentary than straight concert film, but other than that, it was a delight.

Isn’t It Romantic? —  I liked the premise, but I think I would’ve liked this more if a more charming actress were the lead.

Yesterday — I thought this was cute, but I actually kind of hated the ending and didn’t really buy the love story. Everything except that, though.

Spider-Man: Far From Home — Fun! And Jake Gyllenhaal, WHEW CHILD. He has grown up nicely. Really, really nicely.

Hobbs & Shaw — Also fun. Lots of car chases and fist fights, so you know, the usual.

Toy Story 4 — Enjoyable, but I’m telling you all of this could have been avoided if Woody had just gone to college with Andy like God intended.

Another Happy Day — I liked the premise, but this was pretty bleak.

The King’s Speech — I liked it fine, but it was a little slow for me. I think it would be useful in the classroom, especially for teaching kids not to give up on themselves.

Murder Mystery (Netflix) — This was cute.

Mum’s List — This is a super sweet movie, but you know, cancer, so.

Rocketman — This casting, though. SO GOOD. I really liked this a lot. It’s a stealth musical, which is fine because I was expecting a lot of music and singing. This was also a really interesting look at the path to sobriety, so I appreciated that as well.

Blinded By the Light — This may have given me the eye sweats even though it, too, is a stealth musical. But you know, the power of music and writing and an English teacher = A++++. Also, DAYTIMERS! Brilliant! Kids are so smart, I swear. They will find a way.

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  1. Bryan G. Robinson

    My wife got me hooked on Schitt’s Creek and we mutually discovered Kim’s Convenience via Netflix. We’re waiting for the fifth season of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.

    Wonder Woman was very good, unlike any other DC movie I’ve seen. So I had a feeling Yesterday was a skipper. Thanks for confirming. We will get to Rocketman and I almost rented it today via streaming but we opted for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off since well it’s my day off — and tomorrow too.


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