2020 Christmas Wish List

December 3, 2020

I…have a lot of things on my Christmas list. I blame all the Buzzfeed shopping guides that kept showing up in my Facebook feed (and then started showing up in my Instagram feed because the algorithm figured out I will click on any and all Buzzfeed shopping guides, sigh), even though maybe only three things come from said guides. I think I just had fun window shopping this year, so. Yes. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Window shopping. Yes.

Okay, so my list in no particular order:

1. Gift card(s) to the Container Store — I want to organize my kitchen. This requires buying organizing things like lazy Susans and pantry bins and, you know, other stuff.

2. Sweatpants/jogging pants from Old Navy (size XL) — It is getting chilly outside. I need to wear pants instead of dresses. I do not want to wear leggings. Therefore, I want sweatpants. I like pretty much all of the styles/colors at Old Navy, so.

3. Shiatsu massager, heated massage mat, and/or theracane — My back is a whole mess, and I cannot currently get massages for obvious reasons. I have a massage ball, which is fine but not the easiest to use. I feel like any of these would be easier. (Full disclosure: 2/3 of these are from one of the Buzzfeed lists.)

4. Dream Decoder — Okay, this is also from a Buzzfeed list, so I’m getting those all out of the way right now. I have very wacky dreams ALL THE TIME. Clearly, I need this.

5. Rosetta Stone — Rosetta Stone is having a sale. I need/want to learn (Latin American) Spanish. Ergo, this is on my list. LAST BUZZFEED GIFT. This was NOT part of a list, but Buzzfeed did hip me to the sale because, according to them, it makes a great gift. Is it a list if it only has one item? I mean, it was a list of reasons why to take advantage of the sale, but this was the only item discussed. Whatever, the algorithm won again. I will just accept it.

6. Libro.fm subscription — I want to support brick and mortar bookstores whenever possible. Also, I miss my Audible subscription.

7. I do believe we have reached the book portion of the list! Here are some books I want:

8. Dream Chair Art Print, Weekend Goals Art Print, and Readers and Dreamers Face Mask — THIS ART WORK. I love it so much.

9. Woman in car with children (Limited Edition) — I am obsessed with this photo.

10. I am going to present almost all of these Etsy items (and maybe one RedBubble item) without comment or I’ll never finish this post.

11. Barbie calendar — Apparently, my beloved Barbie Style calendar is not happening this year, so I am going to have to go with the glam one instead.

12. Books Burnout Cardigan (size XL) — My current cardigan has holes in it. Do you want me to walk around my house and possibly the store looking like a holey mess?

AND THAT’S IT. Except I’m convinced I’m forgetting something. (I added the cardigan after I typed that.) (And I found the Living Single poster so added that.) (I think the problem is Etsy and not Buzzfeed.) (Oh god, somebody stop me.)

Last time we were here in wishlist land, someone asked how (HOW???) would they know if someone already bought me a gift on my list and I did not know so said GIFT CARDS! But then–then!–my friend Tee hipped me to Things to Get Me, so I have set up my Christmas wishlist there as well. Ta-da!

It took me approximately 137 hours to write and format this post, so NO PICTURES, but all the links work, so I guess that will have to do. And with that, I am officially finished (and scheduling!) this post at hour 142.

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  1. Katy K.

    Now you’re sucking me into an Etsy rabbit hole! And that Woman in a Car with Children photo is great! I will say though, as both a German major and the International Languages librarian for my library, I have tried several different language learning programs, and Rosetta Stone is one of my least favorite. I much prefer Transparent Language. You can also check to see if your library subscribes to Mango Languages, which then has an app you can use for free.

    • Akilah

      Oh, thank you for that tip on the languages! I’ll check both out.

      Also, yes, Etsy is VERY dangerous.


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