2022 Goals #AMonthofFaves

January 4, 2022

I lost my will to blog the week of Christmas, so I’m going to catch up on the two topics that I planned to do but missed that week. First up is goals! The prompt:

WED | Dec. 22 – #AMonthofFaves Challenges and Goals Check-In (share your intentions, challenge progress, personal goals, etc.)⁠


My personal goals for 2021 were:

Goal #1: Stay alive/healthy. This includes both surviving the pandemic and managing my other health issues, primarily the prediabetes. 

How I did: I’m still here, so I met that goal. My blood sugar levels dipped and then rose again, so I’m still working on the prediabetes. I have been able to get back in the pool again, which helps a lot.

Goal #2: Continue taking steps to get out of debt and to build my emergency fund.

How I did: I am still working on this. My savings took a hit because I moved, so I need to rebuild my emergency fund.

Goal #3: Move into a two-bedroom home with two parking spaces and a separate office that fits my price range and has a good commute (≤10 minutes).

How I did:

I found a great place, and my commute is only seven minutes. Also, I have a separate office in that it’s behind my living room area, but I should have specified with a door that can close because that I do not have. Maybe soon I can dismantle my home office altogether, and it won’t matter. Here’s hoping.

Goal #4: Embrace the kind of writer I am today and make time every week to work on writing projects.

How I did: I did really well with this prior to move, and after the move was a huge bust until Month of Faves started again.

Goal #5: Goodreads Reading Challenge

screen shot 2021 12 31 at 11.47.40 pm

How I did: I set my initial goal to 50 but then had to move it back to 35. I read 38 books in total last year.

My goals for 2022 are:

In my writing group, we talked about setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based) goals. Aside from the goal to move and the Goodreads challenge, my 2021 list was pretty vague. I mean, that’s fine since we were (are) in a pandemic, but I do want to stretch a little bit more since the end of the pandemic is almost in sight (if I squint really hard, sprinkle pixie dust, and believe).

  • Goal #1: Save $1k per month for sabbatical with a final goal of $12k for the year.
  • Goal #2: Watch one movie per week.
  • Goal #3: Write and publish one blog post per week.
  • Goal #4: Finish Blogging for Beginners course by March 31.
  • Goal #5: Lose x pounds by end of year and x by the time I have my physical in March. (specific numbers written in my journal)
  • Goal #6: Goodreads Reading Challenge goal: 40 books.

My non-SMART goals are a little more fluid and things I want to work on, namely (1) continuing to take steps to get out of debt and build my emergency fund and (2) decorating my place so it looks like a person actually lives here.

Oh and I also need to get a new car and new couch, both by June.

I am also tentatively eyeing the Book Riot Read Harder challenge, but I have not fully committed because of the categories, I’m not that interested in (new-to-you literary magazine, a history about a period you know little about). Yes, yes, that’s what makes it a challenge etc etc, but I don’t know that I want to make that stretch.

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  1. Tanya Patrice

    Good luck with your goals for this year! I have an office with a door – a room in the house and maybe it’s because I do have it – but I work in the dining room most times because I want the light and just the space not to be cooped up in a room!

    • Akilah

      Oh, I would totally do the same thing. But I would like to put everything in that room and close the door on it when I’m done for the day.


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