5 Random Things

November 20, 2017

1. Did y’all see Diana Ross on the American Music Awards? Living queen emoji. Absolutely, yes. And Kelly Clarkson’s reaction to her was adorable, and her grandchildren were A+++. The youngest knowing the words to “I’m Coming Out” made my heart sing.

Also, whoever does her wigs is a freaking genius.

2. I normally wake up at 5 a.m. for work. Today, I accidentally woke up at 6:15. And I had to be to work at 7.

I made it on time, but it was not pretty. And I didn’t have time to pack my lunch. And I left my Fitbit at home (which is the real tragedy here).

3. I may have bought too much fresh fruit considering I’m going out of town on Wednesday.

4. Instead of expressing my shock that I took a four-hour nap, I’m going to just move into acceptance that that’s what my evenings look like now.

5. My favorite thing about counting down to the end of the semester is that I’m not just counting down to the end of the semester, but I am also counting down to Psych: The Movie.



December 7 is going to be epic. (Okay, probably December 8 because I will most likely be asleep.) (Either way, I’m excited. For multiple reasons.)

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  1. bloggyelise

    I am always wondering how could some people wake up and five and feel alive. I have the 7:30 am class and I should be awake at 6 to get everything ready, but instead I snooze the alarms and look through twitters, and so it’s 6:30 and I’m still in bed. Then I’m rushing my life out to catch up the 6:50 bus. I wish I could have the time to pack my lunch 😕. Maybe you can share your secret of waking up early in your next post 😉.



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