A List of Things I Have Done Since My Last Post

April 28, 2019

1. I went to a panel with the Jane the Virgin showrunner as well as several members of the writing staff. They played the clip of Jane’s reaction to the major spoiler that happened at the end of last season and then answered questions from the moderator (who was the show’s narrator!!!) about the process.

Two fun facts: (1) The whole season is planned in detail from the beginning. (2) They always reveal secrets instead of having characters keep them.


I hadn’t noticed the second thing about the show, but that is a huge difference from most soap operas, which rely on secrets to keep the story engine going. Jennie Snyder Urman said she is much more interested in how the characters react to secrets instead of how they would attempt to keep them.

2. I attended the LA Times Festival of Books, which was fun as always. I missed seeing Tayari Jones (again!), though, so was bummed about that.

3. I also went to Universal Studios over spring break and got my wand at Ollivander’s.

harry potter wand

As a result, I’ve found another job that seems like it would be fun to have: matching wizards to wands at the wand shop. They just talk to people all day and then bring them wands they think are good matches! Imagine the people they get to meet.

Also, Norman Bates definitely tried to murder me during the studio tour. Just came right at me with his knife and his crazy eyes. It was a lot.

4. I went to Santa Cruz over Cesar Chavez weekend and learned to surf. That was an adventure. A very cold, very wet, very exhausting adventure. If I ever take surf lessons again, it will have to be in Hawaii. But I probably won’t because after a certain point, I just wanted to drift on the surfboard, which is a good way to get slammed to your death under the pier–at least that’s what the instructor kept trying to tell me when my arms felt like they might fall off from all the paddling. To be fair, it probably didn’t help that I had only had about four hours of sleep the night before.

5. I also saw Little (meh) and Avengers: Endgame (satisfying overall). 

6. Thursday was Poetry Day at my job, so the creative writing faculty was asked (aka strongly encouraged aka basically forced *ahem*) to participate in a reading. Since most of my creative stuff lately has been screenplays, I read this blog post on chronic pain instead.

7. Speaking of stress, I’ve decided to finish my PhD, and it is already making me crazy even though I have barely started. First of all, just thinking about it the other day made my back seize up, and I had to talk myself down from that. Secondly, as you all know, I am an avid reader, so I have started feeling immense guilt whenever I am reading a paper book that is not related to my project. So I am doing all my leisure reading on my Kindle right now.

WHY IS MY BRAIN THIS WAY? I do not know. But I am trying to just go with the flow.

8. Last night, I went to the launch party for the Free Black Women’s Library LA chapter. It was amazing. There was a poetry reading (more poetry! It is National Poetry Month, after all), and I connected with one of the poets after because she teaches English at a community college! So anyway, I need to email her.

9. My daughter is going to Japan! Please read her story, donate, and share. ❤️

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  1. Bryan G. Robinson

    Was wondering where you had been, but I’ve kept you in my reader. I’m glad to see you back…and at first, before reading the rest, I actually thought you had another job. Then I read. Sounds like you’ve had an exciting time away from the blog, what with Norman Bates and all. 😉 I probably will see Avengers: Endgame, but to be honest, like my wife, I’m growing weary of the superhero movies. Plus sometimes I’d like to just see something come to an end…not another six movies. Going with the flow is hard. Poetry…oh, I I am jealous of the opportunities you must get out there to see and hear such great poets in California. And Japan for your daughter? Yay!

    • Akilah

      Ah yes, “attended a panel” would have been clearer.

      I have been swamped with work this semester, but I am finally getting my bearings. Attending several conferences left me with less time to blog 😩.

      The good thing about Endgame is that it’s the end! So that’s nice. But yeah, I’m getting tired of battles all the time. We’ll see what the next wave of movies will be. Maybe a return to romcoms???

  2. Katherine Nabity

    I haven’t watch Jane the Virgin, but both of the things you mentioned make me much more interested in it. Characters keeping secrets bug me so much in so many genres…

  3. Ally Bean

    I love the premise of Jane the Virgin, but that talkover voice guy bugs me. Going to finish your PhD, eh? Good for you. I can only imagine how much gumption that takes to do what you’re about to do.

  4. K E Garland

    Cesar Chavez weekend…that’s a thing there?
    Also, I agree about Little. When it ended, my friend and I both said, “that was cute” lol
    YAY for PhD…I think. I do wish you well. It can be a bit traumatic.

    • Akilah

      Cesar Chavez Day fell on a Monday, so it was a thing this year. It’s a state government holiday, though many of my students didn’t seem to be aware of it.

      I am ABD and have been for several years, so I already have some post- and pre-trauma related to this decision.


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