#AMonthofFaves 2018 Christmas Wish List

December 15, 2018


Today’s Yesterday’s prompt:

#AMonthofFaves On Our Holiday Wishlist – There’s nothing wrong with putting what you want out in the universe. So share! What’s on your list – whether you’re hoping for it now, or saving to get it later.


Okay, so, my friend came to visit me this week and as I was moving stuff (all clothes and some books) from my daughter’s bed to my bed, I thought about what that said about how much I loved my friend. When I told my mom about it, she was like, “Why are you keeping your clothes on that bed anyway?” And I was all, “Well, I usually put them away [this is a lie], but the real issue is that I don’t have a dresser.” And that part was true! So I need a dresser. Like, for real.

2. A nightstand

Relatedly, I also need a nightstand for beside my bed. Technically, I have one, but it’s too big to fit between the two beds, which is why I’ve been using my daughter’s bed to hold my books and journal since she’s not here.

Okay, so Overstock is telling me what I really want is an accent table. Something like this would work perfectly.

3. A comforter

While I’m talking about my bedroom, let me just say that I need a proper cute comforter. I went the comforter + duvet route, which was the worst idea ever. I hate everything about duvet covers, so that was just a lesson I had to learn. However, finding a comforter that is the kind of cute I want is hard. So I just need to keep looking.

4. A weighted blanket

I also want a weighted blanket.

5. Barstool covers

One of my neighbors sold me their barstools, but the stools all have boring white covers. I want some color! Two of these along with two of these should do nicely.

6. A space heater

Santa (my best friend, actually) is getting me one of these!

7. New shoes

This week I learned that Birkenstock makes Mary Janes, and I NEED THEM. (No, really, I do. Whenever I try to teach in anything other than Birks, my legs are so exhausted by the end of the day. I also have a wonky ankle that aches if I wear any other kind of shoe. So, yes, I need these. I mean, I love my sandals, but I can’t wear them when it’s cold or raining.) Size 41, please.

8. Workout clothes

Now that I have a work schedule that will make it easier for me to get to the gym, I need some gear, especially for yoga. None of my tops are appropriate, and I only have one pair of yoga pants. So I would like a few more things here.

9. A new Fitbit

Specifically, I want a Charge 3. When I got my current Fitbit, I was walking everywhere, hadn’t found a gym with water aerobics, and there wasn’t a waterproof Fitbit available. Since I’m back to water aerobics and the Charge 3 exists now, I want one. Swimproof! I MEAN.

10. Presentation clicker

My officemate’s wife got him this AND I WANT IT. Basically, I would be able to change Powerpoint (or Google Docs) slides from anywhere in the room, which means I can get from behind the podium when I’m teaching.

11. Headphones

Okay, so I upgraded my iPhone. And I know–I KNOW–I said I wouldn’t get an iPhone as long as they had no spot for the regular headphone jack. But I also did not want to switch to an Android phone for many reasons. One of which is that I’m not going to learn how to use a new phone. But the most important reason is that I like texting from my MacBook. And I’m sure there’s an app for that, but why make my life more difficult? So anyway, I rarely like the Apple earbuds, so now I need headphones that are comfortable and work with the dumb lightning port. These earphones in blue would work nicely, I think.

12. A wireless speaker

Hahahaha, so I just realized that upgrading my iPhone means I can no longer use the little portable speaker my friend gave me because it only has a slot for an AUX cable and doesn’t have Bluetooth. So I guess I need a new speaker now, too.

13. Showercap

Okay, so Jasmine says the Shhhowercap actually work as advertised, so now I want one. Link goes directly to my preferred pattern.

14. Tickets to Universal

I mean, I need to go to at least one of the Harry Potter parks, right?

15. So there are a few things from last year’s list that I still would like to have!

  • Psych DVDs
  • Tetris
  • 1Password
  • Caftans

16. Socks

I remember the first time I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Dumbledore said he saw socks in the Mirror of Erised. I rolled my eyes because it’s such a grown up thing to say. But I am officially Dumbledore because I need socks! Some cute ones, though, with characters or whatever. You know, socks worthy of Seeley Booth.

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  1. Katherine Nabity

    No one ever believes me when I say I want socks. Also, yes, to a weighted blanket.

    • Akilah

      I don’t have enough! GIMME SOME SOCKS.

  2. Andi

    So much good stuff here! I always do this re: live for a while doing a thing and then one day it hits me like lightning that I need a dresser or an accent table. I’m pretty sure I have bluetooth workout headphones under the tree right now because I sent hubs a list and I’m sure he ordered those specific items. lol

  3. travelingwitht

    You can never have enough socks!!! My mom and dad got me a Bose Bluetooth speaker last year and I LOVE it. I jam in the morning to my Pandora radio stations and at night I listen to a podcast usually.


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