#AMonthofFaves 2021 Ornament Update

December 17, 2021

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Today’s prompt:

FRI | Dec. 17 – #AMonthofFaves – This is How We Do Christmas (traditions, decorations, food, gifts, etc.)⁠


It’s holiday traditions time so here’s my annual round up of commemorative ornaments. Last year was very busy before the lockdown, and this year was a toe dip back into the world. I did some cautious traveling and, of course, got an annual pass to Disneyland, and that’s what’s reflected in my ornaments.

First things first, someone got a new skirt, and she’s feeling pretty.

img 7260

My friend moved to Palm Springs, so I did a long weekend there. Not pictured is the Baby-Sitters Club magnet I also bought while there. (Speaking of which, I now have a stainless steel fridge, which means all of my many, many magnets no longer stick. Anyone have suggestions for other ways to display them? Because they are many and delightful.)

img 7283

I desperately needed a true vacation, so finally booked a Magical Mystery Tour, and they sent me to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

img 7284

I went to Dapper Day at Disneyland for the first time.

img 7285

You will notice that the tag is still on this 2022 Disneyland ornament, and that’s because it was my second choice for a commemorative ornament, and if I can find my receipt, I’m bringing it back. I mean, it’s cute enough and shows that I went to Disneyland, but it’s not exactly what I wanted.

img 7287

I became an annual pass holder at Disneyland for the first time, and the passes are called Magic Keys, so OBVIOUSLY, I needed a magic key! You will be horrified to know that I had a key ornament IN MY HAND but the engraving was booked so I didn’t buy it, thinking I would get it the next time I went, and then they were SOLD OUT and didn’t know when they would get the ornament back, if ever. Anyway, you can see that I eventually got one thanks to my friend finding it when she went back, so Christmas was saved.

Also, I clearly have not lost my flair for being dramatic over the past year.

img 7286

More than anything 2022 was the year of the vaccine, and I bought an ornament to rep my vax. #TeamModerna, baybeeeeeeeee.

img 7282

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  1. Tanya Patrice

    I LOVE this traditionof getting ornaments to rep big moment of the year!!

  2. Joanne

    Fun ornaments! I pick out one ornament for each of us each year and always try to make sure it represents something big about our year– either a vacation, a new skill/hobby, etc. I’m going to be so sad when my boys move away and take 3/5 of my ornaments (and memories!) with them.

  3. Chandra Lynn

    Ohhh…love these commemorative ornaments!


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