#AMonthofFaves 2022 Challenge and Goals Check-In

December 22, 2022

Prompt from Dec. 17:

FRI | Dec. 17 – #AMonthofFaves Challenges and Goals Check-In. Reading challenges, personal goals, resolutions – how did you do? Are you making any for next year … next month … next season?etc.)⁠


My personal goals for 2022 were:

Goal #1: Save $1k per month for sabbatical with a final goal of $12k for the year.

How I did: I…have not done this. But I have set up a goal in Digit specifically for sabbatical saving.

Goal #2: Watch one movie per week.

How I did: According to letterboxd, I have logged 51 films so far this year, and I am sure I will finish at least one more before the year is out so consider this goal met.

Goal #3: Write and publish one blog post per week.


Goal #4: Finish Blogging for Beginners course by March 31.

How I did: If by finish, you mean cancel the autorenewal for the course because I don’t know when I’ll get around to the rest of it, then yes.

Goal #5: Lose x pounds by end of year and x by the time I have my physical in March. (specific numbers written in my journal)

How I did: I have not met my weight goal (like, at all), but my numbers re: prediabetes are improving and I can actually fit into some clothes that I grew out of during the stay at home order, so I’m considering that a win.

Goal #6: Goodreads Reading Challenge goal: 40 books.

How I did: Hey look, ma, I made it!

screen shot 2022 12 19 at 9.21.18 pm

I am actually up to 45 books (and working on 46) but Goodreads was acting up for me when I was writing this post. Next year, I’ll probably set it for 45.

Other goals, per last year’s post:

My non-SMART goals are a little more fluid and things I want to work on, namely (1) continuing to take steps to get out of debt and build my emergency fund and (2) decorating my place so it looks like a person actually lives here.

Oh and I also need to get a new car and new couch, both by June.

I am also tentatively eyeing the Book Riot Read Harder challenge, but I have not fully committed because of the categories, I’m not that interested in (new-to-you literary magazine, a history about a period you know little about). Yes, yes, that’s what makes it a challenge etc etc, but I don’t know that I want to make that stretch.

I am still moving forward with #1 as I have not incurred any new debt. Decorating my place is a work in progress. I put up four pictures so I’m counting that as progress made. I wound up not needing a new car just yet, and I am not even close to getting a new couch yet. But I do have a dedicated fund for it so, you know, I’m working on it.

I did not participate in the Read Harder challenge, and I remain annoyed that I basically completed next year’s challenge this year, so I really need Book Riot to stop playing with my emotions.

As for next year’s goals, I haven’t really sat down to think about what I want to do/accomplish yet, aside from starting my sabbatical. So I need to take some time to really reflect on what I want and need going into the next year. Still, in the meantime, I post this.


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