#AMonthofFaves: Favorite Book to Movie or TV Show

December 13, 2017

Today’s topic is TV! (Also movies, I guess.) The prompt:

#AMonthofFaves: Favorite Book to Movie or TV Shows – what were your favorites (and / or least favorites); did you both watch the movie and read the book; which was better?

Let’s start with the favorites:

Big Little Lies

Obviously, the big fave for me this year was Big Little Lies (based on the book of the same name by Liane Moriarty). I was excited about it when I heard the news because, yes, I had already read the book. And then I started watching and was invested. There was a group thread on FB is what I’m trying to tell you. And I am pretty sure I texted some people about it? I don’t know. It gave me FEELINGS.

I think it was a great adaptation, but there was one storyline added that PISSED ME OFF. (I won’t spoil, but I will say it was Madeline’s.) I also thought that, of course, the book did things the show couldn’t (especially showing a lot of Celeste’s inner thoughts). But there are a lot of things the show got so right like making me feel the absolute terror Celeste was feeling on the way to that party (which is just as terrifying in the book, btw).

So, yeah. Feelings.

…I am not sure how I feel about the fact that it’s getting another season, though. Could be great, could be that I don’t care enough to see what happens.


And then there was Fences…which. If you have not seen this movie, it is magnificent. August Wilson also wrote the screenplay, so some of it is still too much like a stage play where things are told and not shown (and some things we don’t need to see because, man, does that give even more impact). But I am here to tell you that Denzel Washington was robbed of that Oscar because he was absolute perfection. I was pissed for weeks after seeing it; he was that good.

Also, Viola Davis is indescribably good in this movie. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing she is.

I have not read the play (also with the same name as the movie!), but I really need to.

And now for the least favorites:


Listen, Still Star-Crossed had all the makings of greatness. Romeo & Juliet! Fake dating! Pretty people! But it just took itself too seriously and never really leaned into the best part (the fake dating, obviously) and was just…a mess. A mess full of murdering and pompous characters. If it had gotten a full season, it might have relaxed into itself, but we’ll never know.

I didn’t even bother watching the sixth (and final) episode.

It is also based on a book of the same name by Melinda Taub, which I started but couldn’t really get into. Much like the TV show, sadly.

Riverdale on the CW dark

I tried to watch Riverdale, but I grew up on Archie comics, and the first episode gave me a rage blackout. I know people love it but just looking at that poster upsets me on a fundamental level. I think I would have been able to give it more of a shot if it had a Desperate Housewives aesthetic, but it doesn’t, and Archie and Ms. Grundy had sex and Veronica is estranged from her dad and living with her mom and Cheryl is an evil cheerleader and Josie is mean and I just can’t, y’all.

I even get angry when I see Riverdale/Archie merch now because I have wanted it forever, and I know it’s just because of THE SHOW. I’ll still buy some (eventually) but still. Oh, and people are shipping Betty and JUGHEAD? I just. What is air?

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  1. Tanya Patrice

    I’ve seen Big Little Lies mentioned a few times, so I’m going to have to watch this 🙂


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