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February 4, 2019

So I’m starting to think posting my January wrap-up last week (on a Thursday!) was a mistake because I haven’t finished any books so have nothing, really, to talk about. No worries, though: I won’t let that stop me from attempting to post.

I guess the main thing is that I have been fighting some kind of bug for the past few days. I woke up exhausted on Friday after getting more than enough sleep. Then, I was fine on Saturday. But then yesterday, I slept longer than usual (again), woke up exhausted, and then took a six-hour nap. When I woke up from said “nap,” I ate and then fell back asleep two hours later and slept all night, waking up exhausted again. I started feeling like myself after lunchtime so have attempted to do some work, but I think I’m going to skip my support group meeting tonight and just take it easy since I have a meeting tomorrow.

It’s so weird! I don’t have a fever or any other presenting symptoms of anything else. So we’ll see how tomorrow goes, basically.

The other big thing, I guess, is that I have four books due back at the library that I have barely opened. One is Michelle Obama’s Becoming and the other three are comic books (Archie and Giant Days volumes), and this whole sleeping more than usual thing is throwing me way off my reading game. Normally, I would scoff at anyone who doubted my ability to get them all done by then, but I really just do not even know if it’ll happen.

Over on Twitter, in honor of Black History Month, I have a thread going in which I’m highlighting books that I love written by black authors.

If you’re not following me on Twitter yet, now might be a good time to start is all I’m saying.

Oh, and JUST as I was about to hit publish on this post, a podcast I participated in went live. So! If you would like to hear what I think about Shannon Hale (spoiler alert: brilliant), check out the latest episode of EncyclopedYA hosted by my (spoiler alert: also brilliant) friend, Casey!

What a note to end on. I’m just saying.

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    You’re rocking the social media scene, aren’t you? Good for you!


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