Book Review: Eve and Adam

November 13, 2012

eveandadamI was super excited to see that Katherine Applegate wrote a new book. I ignored the part where it’s co-written with her husband and fellow author, Michael Grant. Why should I care? New Katherine Applegate! I love her! I love Boyfriends/Girlfriends (only the first eight, and I will never call it Making Out, sorry) and Ocean City and Summer!

Except…Eve and Adam is not either of those book series. Eve and Adam is about a girl (Evening) whose mom is into some grody science stuff. And a boy named Solo who lives in Evening’s mom’s science compound.

So it starts out being all about Evening and her damage with her mom. Oh, and her wacky best friend in a sucky relationship. And Solo is a loner who is all excited about meeting kids his own age. Especially a pretty girl! So complicated mother/daughter stuff, complicated friendship stuff, and a tentative romance. All good!

But then it devolves into a sci-fi thriller with a chase scene, and some of the cool things going on with Aislin (the friend) and Evening and her mom are all frittered away. And! There is no wrap-up of something that seemed to be a pretty big deal. Also, Solo is boring, and I cared so little about him.

So that happened.

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  1. Zoe

    I loved the boyfriends/girlfriends series as well! Ahhh, good memories. Disappointing to hear that “Eve and Adam” didn’t live up to your expectations. Bummer.


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