Book Review: Fatherhood

January 8, 2012

fatherhoodI finished Fatherhood by Bill Cosby last week, but I didn’t really know how to review it aside from saying Bill Cosby is great! I love him! He looks just like my grandpa (RIP, GRANDPA)! (No lie, kids in the store would always do double-takes when they saw my grandpa, all, “Is that MR. COSBY????”) Oh, and this book is the blueprint for The Cosby Show and also features bits from his stand up act.

With that in mind, I have decided that the best thing to do would be to just provide links to videos that parts of the books reminded me of. (I put the running time of each vid because I hate, hate when people link me to YouTube stuff without letting me know how long it’ll take to watch the video.) (Like my friend who linked me to a video of her kid saying “shh” for 8 minutes. Eight! And I kept waiting for something to HAPPEN. But I digress.)

1. Bill Cosby – “Chocolate Cake for Breakfast” (His wife tells him to make the kids breakfast; he makes them chocolate cake.) (9 minutes 28 seconds)

2. The Cosby Show – “It’s Not Easy Being Green” (Rudy tries to play her parents against each other so she can wear a dress.) (4 minutes 23 seconds)

3. The Cosby Show – “The Night of the Wretched” (Claire tells Vanessa to “shut up” and “answer me!” all at the same time.) (2 minutes 16 seconds)

4. The Cosby Show – Theo and Monopoly money (Theo says “no problem”; Cliff gives him a lesson in money.) (4 minutes 28 seconds)

5. The Cosby Show – “Vanessa’s Bad Grade” (Cliff discovers Denise has been wearing his clothes to school.) (4 minutes 41 seconds)

So that’s what the experience of reading the book was like for me: it constantly made me think of Cosby’s stand up or TV show.

Off the Shelf: 1/30

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