Book Review: Saving Francesca

November 2, 2012

I think I’m a bit in love with these girls. They make me feel giddy. Like I haven’t a care in the world. Like I’m fearless.

frankieI wish there were a way to talk about a book I love in depth the way that I talk about books that I’m not so crazy about. I mean, I loved Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta. Loved it. I devoured it, reading it pretty much everywhere. And while I was reading, at first, I was finding fault with plot and character things–and they all got addressed by the text. All I know is that by the end of the book, my heart just swelled with love, and all I can say, and all I will say is that I love this book.

Some reasons why I loved it:

– First of all, with a quote like the breakout one up there, I kind of have to love it. Or am at least predisposed.

– Great parents. GREAT parents. Even though Francesca’s mom is depressed and her dad is floundering because he doesn’t know quite what to do, everything in the text lets us know these are two people doing their absolute best who love their children completely. Also, how can you not love a mom who says, “People with lost personalities will suffer a great deal more than those with lost virginities”? I mean, you kind of have to, right?

– I also love that Francesca’s mom is absolutely right about the important things affecting Francesca, especially her friendships and what she needs to challenge herself.

– Yes, while this is a book about female friendship and family, it’s also a book about friendship in general. I love that the boys in Francesca’s life have just as much to do with helping her and connecting with her as the girls who make her fearless.

– The language is beautiful.

– Marchetta does this thing where she doesn’t describe everything in detail, but the impressions that she leaves tell the whole story.

– Most importantly, at the end, I was in love with the book and the characters and everything.

So, yeah, I kind of loved it. I didn’t even hesitate to give it five stars on Goodreads.

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