Book Review: Sex, Murder and a Double Latte

May 16, 2011

The downside of writing sex scenes is that my mother reads my books.

Unlike with most authors, I discovered Kyra Davis’s blog before I ever read her books.  I can’t even remember how I ran across her website. I think my Google Reader suggested it, and then I read this post and was hooked. So after almost a year of reading her blog, I finally decided it was time to try one of her books, so I gave Sex, Murder and a Double Latte a try.

With beach and pool weather upon us (I do live in Florida), I will say this book would make a good beach/pool read. While murder is always intense, there’s a lot of comedy in the book and some romance. It’s not too heavy, the characters are fun, and the situations are a bit…well, Sophie (the main character) does manage to get herself into quite a few unbelievable scrapes.

When I finished the book, I thought it read like a grown-up Nancy Drew. Sophie has her two sidekicks, her gay best friend (who I am going to just say is Ned–not that Ned is gay, but he and Nancy were not exactly anything more than dance-going buddies), and her slightly dangerous love interest (Frank Hardy, of course). There are distinct differences between Nancy and Sophie, but I still maintain the comparison.

But I digress.

Again, a solid read. I had the killer pegged about halfway through, which took away some of the suspense, but it was still fun and definitely amped up as it got closer to the conclusion.

POC Challenge: 10/15; Support Your Local Library: 17/30; Quirky Brown: 3/3

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