Book Review: The Assignment

September 20, 2010

Go where you are celebrated instead of where you are tolerated…When you are with the right people, the best comes out of you and the worst part of you will die.

assignA few months ago, I was having an existential crisis. You know the kind. I would frequently wonder what I was doing with my life and what my purpose was. So my mother suggested I read The Assignment (The Dream & the Destiny) Volume 1 by Mike Murdock. It’s an explicitly and specifically Christian look at how God reveals His purpose for your life, using Bible verses and stories for proof.

Overall, I liked this book and can definitely understand why my mom recommended it to me. There’s a lot of talk about understanding how you know if you’re doing the right thing for yourself at any given moment. I had a lot of little aha moments when Murdock talked about the importance of geography and people to determining how successful you are. I especially liked that the purpose he talked about in the book wasn’t only one thing–that God’s grand design doesn’t necessarily point to just one way you’re fulfilling your destiny. Life is indeed a journey with many destinations. (Trite? Maybe.)

Unfortunately, there are two casual instances of homophobia (both with the same message–that you might want to rally against and save people from homosexuality). There are maybe two lines–at max three–of that ilk in the book, but that was enough to give me pause and make me sigh in frustration. It’s very much a “If it weren’t for that, I’d recommend it wholeheartedly,” but, you know, there is that. So.

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