Book Review: The Blood of Olympus

December 22, 2014

The Blood of Olympus by Rick RiordanWell, that was just delightful.

The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan is the last book in the Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson series, and while I will miss the characters, I did enjoy this last installment.

There was much to like here! BUT. I will concede that the final battle was a smidge rushed, and I do wish we had seen a little bit more from all of the narrators. However, I know the latter would have been pretty impossible, and I do feel as though all of the characters’ journeys/narrative arcs were sufficiently wrapped up and satisfactory.

So, here is what I did like a lot:

– Reyna. I love her. She is proud and strong but also a little lonely.

– Leo. Of course. I love him. This is well-documented.

– Piper. GUYS. THIS IS HUGE. I spent most of the books in this series totally annoyed by Piper, and I actually really liked her in this book. I LIKE PIPER NOW. I am confused but also happy.

– Annabeth and Piper’s relationship. There’s a whole scene about how sometimes logic is best and other times going with your gut/feelings is best, and so the two girls learn to work together and trust one another and then they’re FRIENDS and COMRADES, and it gives me a happy.

– Oh, and also Reyna, Annabeth, and Piper get to pow wow and be amazing together as well. YAY FOR FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS! Yay for varied levels of badassery and acknowledgement of the different ways one can be a total badass.

– The humor is great, of course. Especially Percy and Leo, together and separately. THOSE TWO. <3

LOL, Rick Riordan. LOL. (click to make bigger)

LOL, Rick Riordan. LOL. (click to make bigger)

– Okay, my favorite part, though, was between Nico and Reyna, and their whole discussion/realization about how sharing secrets and pain actually brings you closer to people rather than separates you more from them (which is always the fear–ugh, shame is the worst) and that connection to others makes you more substantial and grounded but constantly cutting yourself off from others and trying to do it alone/by yourself/be the strong one causes you to fade and disappear. So, basically, you are never alone and people care about you so go with that and confide in your friends/comrades!

– The series started with Jason, Piper, and Leo and ends with Jason, Piper, and Leo, so that felt fitting. Symmetry!

– Jason is way less boring and almost semi-interesting. I think it’s the glasses.

– Oh, Nico.

– Also, Rachel Elizabeth Dare shows up and I love her so even though it was brief cameo, I was happy. THIS IS ALL IT TAKES. That, or a new book that is only about her. (Which I know won’t happen, but still.)

– Plus also, Riordan’s Norse series is up next and the main character is Magnus Chase, and, hey, he and Annabeth have the same last name! So that may or not be why Annabeth mentioned that her father and uncle don’t get along in this book, and she doesn’t know why. Thanks for the hint, Riordan! So that was an exciting little moment in the book that made me excited for the next series.

I think that’s a good place to stop.

In conclusion: A fitting end to a great series. Riordan hits all the notes I’ve come to expect from reading the other books and makes me care about/like characters I didn’t think I ever would. Also: LEO.

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  1. Trisha

    I loved the Percy Jackson series, but I only made it through two of the additional books before losing interest. Maybe I should keep them in mind though.

    • Akilah

      I know other people who have felt the same. The books are very tonally different, so I totally get it. I found the first book the hardest to get through, but I really have enjoyed the rest of them.


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