Book Review: The Girl in the Wall

December 27, 2012

Good luck 2nite.

Think it may kill me I write back.

wallLet me just say that I know (I know, I KNOW) that The Girl in the Wall by Daphne Benedis-Grab isn’t the best written novel. For one thing, the alternating first-person narrative isn’t distinctive enough (Sera and Ariel sound exactly the same). For another, it’s more plot- than character-driven which isn’t normally my thing.

But. BUT. It’s an action novel that hinges on two former best friends learning to trust each other again so they can survive. In fact, on Goodreads, I said the book was like Die Hard. Which it is if John McClane were two teenaged girls who haven’t spoken in nine months and four days.

In case you haven’t guessed, the main reason this book works for me is the estranged best friends! Learning to work together again for survival! Their love/friendship must overcome all! Plus they are kind of badass (not unrealistically so) and though there are two boys in the story, the boys don’t take over the action and the girls figure out/plan how to get out of the bad situation themselves. I mean, yes, some chivalry is there, but mostly the girls save themselves (and save the boys sometimes too).

Love interests are around, but they’re realistic as can be given the circumstances. Think Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in Speed (and I know I’m dating myself with all of these action movie references, SORRY).

What else? Oh, right. I thought Benedis-Grab makes the story as plausible as possible (I believed why Ariel would automatically run, I believed the two girls missed each other, I believed the love interests). Could’ve used a bit more show than tell, but overall a fun ride.

Also, this book would make an AWESOME movie. As long as they didn’t try to give all the awesome stuff to boy characters. In which case, yuck.

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