Book Review: The Losers: Ante Up

May 12, 2010

It’s like…sure, we’ve always played the game like we had nothin’ to lose–but it feels like we lost everythin’.  We were soldiers, man.  We were a part of somethin’!  But now…

losers1The Losers:  Ante Up by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Jock is a double cross revenge story.  The first issue of the collection is available as a free download on the website, but I preferred traditional paper so I checked it out via ILL.  I was interested in the book because of the hotness that is the movie, which I sadly haven’t seen yet.

What I Liked

– I am a fan of badassitude and between Clay, Aisha, and Cougar, the characters have that in spades.

– The art reflects the mood of the story.  It’s hard to get a physical read on the characters, although they all have distinctive characteristics.  Even when they’re in sunlight, there are a lot of shadows and dark areas.  It adds to the feeling of mistrust and danger.

– The plot is pretty straightforward.  They’re trying to find Max so they can get their identities and their lives back.

What I Didn’t Like

– I know I just said the plot is straightforward–and it is–but it took me quite a few pages to get my grounding in the story.  That may be because…

– Even though the artwork suits the story, I’m not really a fan of it.  Aside from the three characters mentioned above (and the one blond guy whose name I can’t remember), it was hard for me to really get a read on the characters, which left me feeling disconnected from the story.

– The book is really violent.  Lots of blood spurts, brains on the pavement, etc.  Not so much a fan of that, which was all shown in pretty clear detail.

In conclusion:  I still want to see the movie, even though I know who the bad guy is–mostly for the pretty, pretty cast.  The book doesn’t make me want to see it more or less than I did before, though.  And I am not at all interested in reading any more of the books in the series.

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