Days 26, 27, 28 #BlackMusicMonth #30DayMusicChallenge

June 28, 2018

I missed the past three days for many reasons, but now it’s time to jump back in and get caught up. So! Let’s hit it.

Day 26: A song with your favorite lyrics

Literally, all I could think about was Hamilton and my favorite lyrics from that are from “Say No to This”: Uh OH / you found the wrong sucker to CUCKOLD / so time to pay the piper for the pants you UNBUCKLED”

I love the word “cuckold” like the big nerd I am (I was introduced to it via one of my favorite professors and Othello), so that makes that bit of the song extra special for me.

Day 27: A song by an artist whose voice you love

Me: I have already talked about Whitney Houston a lot. I do like CeCe Winans’ voice. Maybe I should post “Count on Me.”

Anyway, I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not. Here’s a video of Whitney singing “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” something I’ve shown in class before.

Also, Luther Vandross because of course.

Day 28: A song you know (or act like you know) all the choreography to

So every time Michael Jackson had a new album/video come out, MTV and BET would play all of his videos back to back on a loop to count down the new release. And I’m not saying I would move all of the furniture in the living room to clear space to dance along to every single video, but you know, I definitely did. So you can just enter pretty much every Michael Jackson video from Thriller and Bad here. Also “Remember the Time,” obviously.

You can also add some Janet Jackson here: “If” and “Pleasure Principle,” definitely.

But, of course, these days I mostly just kill at the Cha Cha Slide.

Black Music Month 30 Day Challenge 2018

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  1. Bryan G. Robinson

    I don’t think/I know I couldn’t dance to it but I always loved the choreography in Beat It.


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