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Glasses, part III #SOL24

March 26, 2024

So the glasses I ordered from Target didn’t work out. I was wearing them when my daughter got home, and I could see her see me and then try to think of something nice to say which she couldn’t. She hated them and asked if anyone helped me pick them out. When I told her yes, she then said, “And they let you leave the store with them?” So, that was that. The biggest problem with the glasses, she said, is that they made it look like I didn’t have any eyebrows and that was terrifying. Thankfully, Target has a pretty good no questions asked return policy, so I brought the glasses back. This was for the best, honestly, because I didn’t love the glasses, and if I’m going have to have them on my face all the time, I should be happy with them.

So it was back to the drawing board. By which I mean the online shopping board.

The fun thing about searching for glasses is that I started to get ads for online glasses stores. I had been recommended three different online sites by friends of mine and one lady from my book club that had glasses I absolutely adored, so I searched through there. The good news? Cheapie glasses. The bad news? Too many cute ones.

But then. Then, the algorithm got me.

img 6861(Am I the only person who gets annoyed when I get targeted ads that are absolutely spot on? I get absolutely offended. I’m like, please algo, you don’t know me because sometimes it gets it so right it’s scary. For example, my Friends keyholder. Just popped right on up in my Instagram feed one day and I knew I had to have it. Because, first of all, algorithm, how dare you? And second of all, please take all of my money.

But I digress.)

So, yes, the algorithm got me. Because the only thing I like more than snazzy, fun glasses isapparently, fannish glasses. And by fannish glasses, I mean these Wonder Woman glasses that popped right on up in my feed from Pair Eyewear. (See previous paragraph for my response to this.) But even better, there are also BATMAN glasses and X-Men. Not to mention that these are actually tops that you can switch out whenever you feel like it because you buy a basic glasses shape and then the top frames you want. This is out of control.

But I was torn. Because I found several pairs of glasses that I liked on the other two sites, and I could get more than one pair for the price I would have to pay for one pair at Pair Eyewear. So I had two things to consider: (1) do I get the glasses that cost more but include everything I want AND that I can change as much as I want or (2) do I get 3-4 pairs of glasses from the other sites that are super cute and fun and funky?

I couldn’t figure out what to do, but then I had another conundrum. Pair Eyewear is a US-based company that does a lot (not all, alas) of its manufacturing in the United States. The other two sites most certainly are not US-based and/or manufactured. I am a big fan of supporting local businesses (even if that means local to the United States) because I want to buy more things that are made in the USA. Also, I have been forever scarred by the closing of Borders, so I am a big proponent of spending on/at companies I want to stick around. To me, buying from a US-based company is the equivalent of supporting a brick and mortar bookstore. Plus, local economy blah blah yadda yadda yadda.

What to do, what to do, what to do?

What I ultimately decided is that since the glasses are fully refundable, I will take my chance on the US-based company first and then, if those glasses don’t work, I’ll try the other sites. That way, I have done my part and made the effort. Plus, if I’m honest with myself, I also want to take the chance on the fannish glasses just that much more than I want to do the funky and fun glasses. I am a fangirl at heart and so I must give the heart what it wants.


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