Good Idea Jeans

November 13, 2018

I miss wearing jeans and t-shirts. And just jeans in general. One of the (many) byproducts of my stomach issues is that it’s not usually comfortable for me to wear jeans because my stomach might poke out or just the feel of clothing on my stomach will bother me.

So one day I was thinking that what I need is the equivalent of maternity jeans but for non-pregnant people. But then I looked at some maternity jeans and those stretched bellies with fabric on top was not at all what I wanted.

So I said to myself, “Self, what you need are jeans that are like leggings but not jeggings because they still have the button and zipper. You need jeans with an elastic waistband.”

Lo and behold, these jeans exist! Macy’s has them and JC Penney. So I ordered a bunch of them in different styles and brands so I could try them on.

I quickly discovered that the Lee jeans (available at both Macy’s and JCP) were the best fit for me. So I wore jeans–comfortably–for the first time in a long time last week. I also learned that I would like the jeans better if they had belt loops so I could wear a belt if I wanted to, especially because I kept having to hike the jeans up after I sat down and got back up (and also because I like wearing a belt with my jeans). (Having to hike my jeans up is not really a strike agains the pants since I do the same with the one pair of non-elastic waistband jeans that I wear with a belt.)

So yes, I am back amongst the jean wearers and happy about it. Now I just need to find some decent shirts/blouses to wear with said jeans to work now that it’s getting cooler outside.

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  1. Adrienne

    The older I get, the fewer styles I like. When I find something I like, I buy it it a range of colours. I have the same type of jeans in a range of colours and will be sad if they ever stop making them!

  2. Brian Rozinsky

    Welcome band to the world of jeans.
    The dialogue in the middle of this slice made me chuckle. Nice touch.

  3. Elisabeth Ellington

    I’m with Adrienne: the older I get, the fewer styles I like. I basically want a uniform that I wear every day! A really comfortable one with an elastic waist, LOL. I do appreciate how jeans always look good dressed up a bit. Glad you found some that you like, as they are tricky to buy!


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