I Got 99 Problems, but a Book Ain’t One

February 17, 2015

Or Top Ten Five Book Problems I have. Which is today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic.

And, yes, I know a million people have probably already made the “99 Problems” joke, but IT FITS.

These are legit problems I am having right now, btw.

1. My (public) library won’t let me do an interlibrary loan for the first edition (1972) of The Dragon’s Wife by Walter Dean Myers.

Because they have the later edition (1995) in circulation! However, I want to see the original illustrations. I know this means I just have to go through my job’s library, but still. Why won’t the public library let me be great?

2. I want to sign up for the Audible free trial offered by Kindle Unlimited*, but I don’t know which books to get.

I get all of my books from the library, so the thought of buying a book I might not like (even if it’s free!) paralyzes me. This is also why, though I love gift cards, it takes me forever to use them. Library = no commitment! Picking a book to buy = too much pressure! The struggle. It’s real. Especially because that means I can’t take advantage of the offer. Terrible.

3. My to-read list at Goodreads isn’t getting any shorter/smaller.

Every time I think I’m making a dent, I add fifty hundred more books. And that doesn’t even count the ones that just catch my eye that aren’t on my list that I wind up reading. So, basically, I will never achieve to-read zero (you know, like inbox zero). And I’m okay with that.

4. I live two hours from Universal Orlando, and I STILL have not been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Because it’s expensive. And I’m poor.

Poor like a Weasley. (source)

Poor like a Weasley. (source)

5. ePub books don’t work on the Kindle.

Twice, I have tried to check out books from Overdrive, and twice I have been thwarted because they’re only in ePub format and not formatted for Kindle. Twice! If I had known that would keep happening I would have never traded in my Nook. Which means I would have two e-readers. I think I would be okay with that.

So those are my very real book-related problems I’ve been having lately. Anybody else in a similar boat?

*Affiliate link. If you buy something, I get a little kickback.

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  1. caitlinstern

    My TBR list, too, grows greatly ahead of my reading speed. Better than running out of books, though, right?

  2. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks

    🙂 I love the title of this post. As for #2… I love Audible because if you hate an audiobook they will let you return it with no questions asked. They will give you your credit back and you can go for another one. I recommend Ready Player One..great audiobook!

  3. Lindsay

    You should definitely go to The Wizarding World of HP so the rest of us an live vicariously through you! I’m really hoping to go this year… I think it would be a great way to celebrate my 30th birthday! I can also sympathize with not wanting to risk buying a book that you might not like. Pretty much everything I read comes from the library too — and it’s so stress-free. Don’t like it? Just bring it back! And #3 too… I calculated for my TTT list that it would take me over 5 years to read everything currently on my Goodreads to-read list!

  4. Maya

    The title is a great joke that won’t get old!
    I know how you feel with all the different dilemmas from libraries, bookshops and audible! Libraries are great to just borrow everything on your list but sometimes we can’t borrow certain things or they’re on loan:( And then with audible I took ages (and listened to samples of so many books again and again) to choose my free trial one so I get you;)
    My TBR list keeps growing too! Can you imagine actually having zero in the TBR pile- that would be a dark, dark day…;)
    Aww poor Ron:’) Aw man! I hope you get to go sometime- I don’t live in America or the UK so I miss out on so many Harry Potter related things:( Let’s be sad Ron Weasleys together:P
    Great list!

  5. Trisha

    I love the title! And I completely understand about the ever-growing TBR pile. No matter how many times I promise myself I will just stop adding books, no joy.

  6. Jessica (@BooksATrueStory)

    I loved this post title so much I just had to come read it 🙂 I relate to number 3 so much!! I still kinda want to achieve to-read zero…it might take me some time to get there.


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