It’s Monday and I forgot to schedule my #AMonthofFaves posts for last week

December 19, 2022

Last week was finals week and I left town mid-week, and if you think that’s why I forgot to schedule my post, that is incorrect. I just checked to see why/how I forgot, and it turns out that I wanted to add a photo to the post and didn’t, hence the lack of posts last week. So that means I’m behind on my A Month of Faves posts, which means I’ll be catching up on them this week, so things will be a little out of order as I get up to speed. The good news is that I’ve had good reason (besides finals) to miss posts: I was at Disney World!

So far I’ve managed to visit all four parks, see the Epcot fireworks show (Harmonious), watch Fantasmic, meet Mickey & Friends at a character dinner, and watch the Lion King show.

I also went to the candlelight processional service at Epcot with Neil Patrick Harris as the night’s special guest. It was amazing. He was great and all of the signing/songs were A+++.

And in between all of that I had to finish grading and submit final grades.

All grades were officially submitted on Saturday, though, which means winter break can begin in earnest. Huzzah! Yesterday, I slept a thousand sleeps. On Wednesday, I’m supposed to go back with my parents and daughter to Disney World on Wednesday, and we’re hoping to make it to the Guardians of the Galaxy and Frozen rides and also the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. While I wait for that, though, I think I’ll get to what else I’m excited about doing this break: reading!

In the meantime, here is last Monday’s A Month of Faves post.

a month of faves 2020

MON | Dec. 12 – A Day / Weekend / Week in the Life. Let’s take a [peek] into each others lives as as we chronicle what we did on a typical (or not-so-typical) day or weekend.


Here’s what my day looked like on Sunday, December 11:

10:51 a.m. – As I’m trying to wake up, my dad calls to see if I called him. I had not. I try to rally and get out of bed. My body decides to go in a different direction.

Noon – I finally fully wake up.

12:30 – I make my way out of bed after futzing around on the socials. Shower.

1 – Eat breakfast and watch Home Economics

1:28 – Start a round of phone calls to my friend, my daughter, and my mom (not necessarily in that order). While talking to them, I do some light cleaning and laundry to prepare for the cleaners to come the next day.

3:15 – Eat a snack and watch LEGO Masters

3:48 – Balance my checkbook

4:02 – Sign into my writing group on Zoom, write last week’s IMWAYR post, tart writing the aforementioned not-scheduled posts

5:10 – Go to make salmon, discover it’s bad, look for receipt so I can decide if I want to return it the salmon or not. Find out I had already thrown out my receipt so that decision was made for me

6:35 – Writing group wind down, get ready to go get a massage

7:30 – Massage

8:30 – Massage is over, head to Teader Joe’s and TJ Maxx. And then Target. And then the grocery store. And then Target again.

9:55 – Home, finally. Cook dinner.

10:30 – Eat and watch The Great American Baking Show: Celebrity Holiday. (Marshawn Lynch is a national treasure.) Discover that the Roku Channel has not only the celebrity editions of The Great British Bake Off but also all of the old seasons of the original flavor show (including the first three or four that aren’t on Netflix back when they actually used to travel around the UK in the tent).

11:03 – Phone with daughter. Attempt to make plans for Disney World that mesh with her schedule.

11:35 – Hang up with daughter. Remember I’m supposed to be keeping track of my day, so sit down and update my notes.

11:40 – Duolingo

11:51 – Instagram

12:10 a.m. – Finish straightening up for cleaners.

12:15 – Prep meds for the week.

12:30 – Finish balancing checkbook. Discover I have received a CA middle class tax relief payment, which I most certainly was NOT expecting and didn’t even think I qualified for.

12:52 – Get ready for bed.

1:17 – Go to bed.

Have a great week, everyone!

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