It’s Monday & This Post Is a List #IMWAYR

July 6, 2020

I think I have too many books to read. No, I know I have too many books to read. And by read, I mean have finished by a deadline because I am in two book clubs and also clearly hate myself. I mean, obviously, I want to be in these book clubs and want to be reading the books but also, like, why do I do these things? I do not know.

Anyway, since my last post, I did some stuff:

  • I had a very awesome birthday because I spent it talking to and/or spending time with almost all of my favorite people.
  • I also got gift cards to order the curated book bundle from The Last Bookstore and placed my order today. I went with the “surprise me!” option on that book bundle, which, whew, talk about a hard decision to make. But I decided that I want it to be like a real present. I will let you know what I get.
  • I, of course, watched Hamilton on Disney+. I also started The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix and finished Ramy season 2 on Hulu. This was all excellent viewing, btw. Highly recommend every single one of them.
  • I got my braces off, which you would think would be cause for rejoicing–and it was, mostly–except nobody told me about the retainers for life thing or that I would have to wear them constantly for the next six months (nights only after that). Also, my retainers actually made me physically ill to my stomach, so I have to go back to the orthodontist to see if maybe I can get the Hawley retainers instead of the tray retainers and maybe it’ll make a difference. Honestly, if I had it my way, I would go back in time and not get the stupid braces at all–that’s how mad this whole situation is making me.

I also posted a thing: Books About Black Teens Redux #TopTenTuesday.

And then I finished a book:

The AlchemistThe Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars, rounding up.

This is like every self-help book you’ve ever read except in an engaging story format–these are a few of my favorite things. Super easy to read, super fast and engaging.

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That book review was going to be longer, and yet.

Stay safe out there, everyone.

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  1. The Widow Badass

    Sorry to hear about the retainer issues, Akilah. I’ve been wearing a tray retainer (top teeth only) nightly since my braces came off. It wasn’t that big of a deal for me since I need to wear one anyways due to clenching and teeth grinding. Which is how my adult teeth got so twisted out of shape in the first place! What bugged me was the wire cemented behind my lower teeth, which is permanent. I still don’t like it but eventually I got used to it. Every time I look in the mirror at my (now) straight up and down teeth, I am reminded it’s all been worth it. I hope you get there too.


    • Akilah

      Thanks, Deb. It has gotten better, so I’m hoping that continues. I’m still going to the ortho tomorrow so we can talk about what happened and see if maybe there’s an alternative because this is for the birds.

  2. Chandra Lynn

    Glad you had a great birthday! Let’s not talk about the TBR list and summer’s almost over. Waaaahhhh! Sorry about the retainer issues. Happy Weekend!


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