It’s Tuesday & I Fell Asleep Before I Wrote My Post Yesterday

June 9, 2020

I fell asleep then talked to one friend and then another friend and then my mother and then another friend. And that was all after going to a #BlackLivesMatter memorial protest and Target. So what I’m saying is yesterday (okay, technically, it’s still today since I’m still awake from after my nap) was a lot. But it was, all in all, a good day. Just exhausting.

I wrote some posts this past week:

I also inspired some posts:

  • Truer Words podcast: “We know you already have a lot of anti-racism recs and this is a podcast about the work of making art, so we wanted to focus on Black creatives and art that reflect Black stories that are not just about systemic racism.” (description from their Twitter post)
  • Vroman’s Bookstore Black Voices Matter reading list

Oh, you can also follow me on Instagram since I think I’ve figured out how to use it now.

I didn’t finish any books this week, though I did watch The Half of It on Netflix.

I found it absolutely delightful. Basically, it’s a queer Cyrano. Paul hires Ellie to write loves letters to Aster for him, not knowing that Ellie has a crush on Aster.

The characters are wonderful. I am especially in love with Paul Munsky, my new movie boyfriend, but all of the characters are pretty great. The best part is that Aster’s boyfriend has what I call leading man hair so that you think he is the actual love interest instead of Aster. It’s a very nice (and consistent) hair choice. I mean, Aster’s hair is also lovely, but I’m just saying as far as main dude hair choices go.

(Trust me: Go back and watch movies/TV shows and check out the main dude’s hair. You know who he is based on hair alone. I mean, honestly, there was no way SPOILERS FOR TO ALL THE BOYS I LOVED BEFORE Lara Jean was going to wind up with Josh when Peter clearly had superior hair. It’s just a movie/TV rule. END SPOILERS)

If you’re looking for a fun/sweet movie to watch, I highly recommend.

I hope you have a good rest of your week. Stay safe out there, everyone.


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