L is for The Last Dragon

April 14, 2016

Ugh, why is it so hard to talk about the things I truly LOVE?

Like I can sincerely think of nothing to say about The Last Dragon because I want to say everything, and it’s all too much. It is, like the best childhood things, completely cheesy and absolute perfection. (Ha! This writer had the same issue. So I feel better now.)

So, here. Have a GIF of Richie breakdancing out of some ropes because THAT IS TOTALLY THE KIND OF AMAZING THING THAT HAPPENS IN THIS MOVIE.

It is magical.

I mean, as I am writing this, the title song is playing through my head as well as my favorite scenes. And I can actually recite the whole movie. I’m completely obnoxious about it, and that delights me to no end.

Oh, alright. Here is also a clip featuring Sho’Nuff because he is the meanest, prettiest, and baddest mofolo down around this town, so it would be criminal for me not to feature him in some way.


Okay, there is so much good there and not just the ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS things the women say (“I would like to peel this banana”? “How would you like to kiss on my fist?” — GOLD), but the fact that Leroy is 100% not scared of Sho’Nuff and there’s this moment when Sho’Nuff realizes it. It is brilliant. And Johnny calling Sho’Nuff a “string bean Rick James looking fool”? OMG.

Also, Sho’Nuff is INSANE. I love him. One more scene because I can’t resist.

Okay, okay. Last one. Because it is EVERYTHING.

I mean, really.

Also, I used to have “Sho’Nuff” as my ringtone for text messages. It was awesome.


A to Z 2016

For the A to Z challenge, I’m blogging about fannish pursuits (aka things I’m a fan of or have strong feelings about). Tune in tomorrow to see what I picked for M!

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  1. Laura


  2. Heather

    I loved that movie as a kid. I didn’t even understand most of the jokes or know that they were jokes. I just watched it over and over. I saw it again last year when the husband said he had never heard it f it. I had to right that wrong. Still amazing.


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