May 2017 Wrap Up (plus exciting news featuring people I like very much!)

June 1, 2017

My daughter’s high school graduation is in a couple of hours, so now seems like the perfect time to write a wrap-up post for May.

But first! Exciting bookish news:

1. My friend Jasmine’s book, The Wedding Planner, is available for preorder. Did you know it has FAKE DATING in it, which is one of my favorite tropes ever? Well, it does. So you should read it. If you are a #DiverseBookBlogger who likes romance, you will especially like it.

2. My former minister and still friend Vince (the one whose new church was featured on the Today Show) is co-editor of a devotional called Rise Up!: Spirituality for Resistance. You know, if you were ever wondering What Would Jesus Do? re: these modern times. (My favorite devotion title so far is “Naps of the Bible” because…well, naps.) Anyway, this book is also available for preorder, and there is also a preview of the book available so you can know if it’s for you (it is).

3. Not news, but: This tribute Rick Riordan wrote for his wife warmed my heart all the way through. Just..ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Okay, now I can get to the wrap up.

(Just FYI, the rest of this post was written after graduation.)

I finished ten books this month:

screen shot 2017 06 01 at 5 33 40 pm

  • When the Sea Turned to Silver by Grace Lin (middle grade, audiobook)
  • Greensleeves by Eloise Jarvis McGraw (YA)
  • Are We There Yet? by Dan Santat (picture book)
  • The Buddha in the Attic  by Julie Otsuka (adult, audiobook)
  • The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes (children’s, audiobook)
  • The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner (YA)
  • What You Know First by Patricia MacLachlan (picture book)
  • An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole (adult)
  • The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Luna (adult, nonfiction)
  • A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner (YA)

Top two reads were definitely Greensleeves and The King Of Attolia, though I did give five of the books four stars.

I have no real TV news to report except that I am crazy excited that Still Star-Crossed has finally aired (I’m planning to watch it tomorrow). It is either going to be really good or I’ll regret everything, but the trailer just makes me SO HAPPY that I can’t wait to watch it. Good thing I’m on vacation and can make time for hour-long shows now, huh? (Vacation!)


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