Mini Book Reviews: June

June 30, 2011

June, as usual, was a super busy month for me. Not only did school wrap up, but I started a new job and did quite a bit of traveling to visit family and friends. As a result, I didn’t have as much time to blog (though I did read), so mini reviews!

Before I get to that, though, I must put my pimp hat on and link to the Diversify Your Reading Challenge that is all about diversity in YA fiction.

Okay, on to the books.

loveyhartDear Lovey Hart, I Am Desperate by Ellen Conford: What I really wanted to read was Seven Days to a Brand New Me, but since my library doesn’t have it, I settled on this Conford classic that I bought from the library book sale. Basically, Carrie agrees to be the newspaper advice columnist, which she has to keep secret. She enjoys it at first, but taking on the burdens of the school body starts to take its toll. The book is a quick, fun read. I actually wish it had been longer and delved a little bit more into some of the relationships. Plus, I really think I have read it before. Some of it felt very familiar to me, especially the big reveal.

Also, I just found out this book was made into an After-School Special. Clearly, I need to get my hands on that.

YA Reading Challenge: 16/20; Page to Screen: 2/5; Off the Shelf: 3/5

coffehouseCoffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors: Selfors is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. This book was breezy and fun, perfect for the train. I loved the premise (Katrina helps an angel who won’t go away until he can grant her her heart’s desire), loved the characters, loved the setting. Katrina is an awesome character, her grandmother is fantastic, and the conflict between Katrina and her best friend as well as Katrina’s grandmother and their compeition are both ace. I just really enjoyed reading this book. It’s so fun, the overall message is great, and, of course, it has my favorite kind of feminist character.

YA Reading Challenge: 17/20; Off the Shelf: 4/5

somoneyShe’s So Money by Cherry Cheva: I love, love the premise of the book. I like stories about good girls, but I also like stories about good girls gone bad–as long as they make sense. It’s not enough that a cute boy is involved, and I love that Cheva has really high stakes that make me believe Maya would make the choices she does. My only problem with the book is that it’s more plot than character-driven, and I just couldn’t engage all the way with Maya. If the relationships had been a little bit more developed, I don’t think I would have lost interest/steam going into the end. As it is, I found the beginning of the book more engaging than the conclusion.

Support Your Local Library: 23/30; YA Reading Challenge: 18/20; POC Reading Challenge: 13/15

deenieDeenie by Judy Blume: Yeah, so first time reading this. (I know. I KNOW.) I wasn’t big into Judy Blume as a kid/teen. In fact, I think I have read all of her books post-adolescence. I thought this book was fine as a description of the process of getting a back brace for scoliosis and also what happens when someone completely shallow has to think beyond her looks. However, it was way too short, and I thought it would’ve been better served if the relationships (especially the one between Deenie and her sister) had been more thoroughly explored. Another fast read, just not entirely satisfying.

YA Reading Challenge: 19/20; Off the Shelf: 5/5

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