My 2016 Christmas Wish List

December 21, 2016

On my LiveJournal, I would post my Christmas wish list every year. I was considering doing the same here this year but frivolity has kind of gone by the wayside as I dealt with the aftermath of the election (and the end of my wacky semester). But then Morgan’s superfun post (which is a Top Ten Tuesday post!) reminded me not to let those jokers steal my joy, and I had fun thinking about what I wish I could get for Christmas. (And these are all firmly wishes because I don’t expect to get any of them for actual Christmas.) Also, it was always fun to look back on my lists from the previous years and see what things I did acquire–whether it was for Christmas or no.

1. This TV stand in banana split. It would look glorious in my living room.
2. Either one of these lamps for reading in my dark living room.
3. This side table to match the TV stand and also to put books and such.
4. All of the seasons of Psych. Do I need to explain?
5. Any of the prints on my Etsy wishlist. I really want my house decor to be fannish in nature.
6. This One Tree Hill poster. GET IT???
7. Everything on this list, still.
8.  A trip to Universal! I still haven’t been since they installed Harry Potter land. You know why.
Poor like a Weasley. (source)

Poor like a Weasley. (source)

9. Mostly, though, I need shelves. Lots and lots of shelves. My new place has little storage, and I have books and pictures and DVDS and other things to put up. So yes. Shelves would be nice.
10. Cash is also (always) good.

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  1. Read Diverse Books

    ooh, I’d love some cold hard cash as a gift. lol
    Side tables are definitely best used as a surface to lay books on.

  2. Morgan | Backlist Babe

    I am glad that post could inspire you to push your Christmas list out there. Also, I hope you got very nice things this year and that your holidays have been very merry!

    P.S. I’m super into those home decor prints lately (despite not having a legitimate home). Something about them just speaks to my soul. And one can never have enough shelves. I’m convinced there’s no such thing.


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