My favorite things I bought last year

January 19, 2017

One of the Month of Faves prompts was “5 Purchases That Were Totally Worth It,” and I didn’t participate because I only had one purchase…or so I thought. Turns out I actually wound up buying some other stuff–some of which I didn’t get around to using or buying until after the prompt date. So, my favorite things I bought last year:

1. My house. I bought a house. It’s great. All the wall colors are colors I want. It’s still not fully unpacked yet, but that’s okay.

2. Hamilton tickets. This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. We’re going to see the show in March (in New York). Obviously,  I couldn’t post about this before Christmas, so.

3. Yoga gear. Okay, so I went back to yoga last year, and I finally wound up buying actual yoga pants and actual yoga tops, and it has made such a HUGE difference. I no longer have to worry about my pants riding down or my top riding up. The lack of self-consciousness about my clothes also means I can concentrate better on what I’m actually doing in yoga.

4. This laptop stand. Okay, so I was at my friend Amber’s for a work date, and I was telling her how using my laptop (and my phone) have started making me feel dizzy and nauseated. I realized it was because I kept looking down to use them. So she just nods and whips out her husband’s laptop stand for me to use, and I immediately went home and ordered one. When I’m sitting at the table using it, it puts my laptop screen at actual EYE LEVEL so I’m not craning my neck down when I’m working. I MAY LOVE THIS MORE THAN MY HOUSE. It is a game changer.

laptop stand

The laptop stand in action. I wasn’t working in the dark–I took this picture to show my mom how it looks on the table.


So, yes, I am sitting on my couch with my lapboard using the laptop stand RIGHT NOW as I type this post. Also, that is my library’s homepage on my screen. Of course.

5. A trip to Atlanta. Last year, I got my daughter Adele tickets for Christmas. The closest show was in Atlanta (or Miami, and I was not going to Miami), so off we went. As a bonus, I got to visit my two favorite godsisters. Also, Adele was magical.

So, yeah. I regret nothing.

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  1. Ally Bean

    Good faves. I’m intrigued by that laptop stand. Am off to check it out.

  2. Read Diverse Books

    You bought a house!? Congrats. 😀 I’m not anywhere close to buying a house yet, but perhaps by the time I’m thirty!
    Hmmm, I never considered getting a laptop stand. I really do need one.

  3. Andi (@estellasrevenge)

    Awesome purchases! Congrats a gazillion times on the home purchase. That whole process makes me feel queasy, but we are hoping to purchase the house we’re renting this year. And that laptop stand looks awesome.

  4. Jenny @ Reading the End

    What does it say about me that I got more excited about Hamilton tickets than house? But both are amazing!! Congratulations and I hope y’all have THE BEST time at Hamilton and that everyone in New York treats you right.


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