November 20, 2012

I signed up for NaBloPoMo, hence the posts every day this month. I’ve been pretty good about it, only missing two days of real content so far because of exhaustion/outside interests. Today is going to be my third. I hit the grading wall earlier today. (Grading, grading, always with the grading.) I also realized that I’m in a crabby mood. Crabby mood does not make for good posts. Also, I’m tired. So consider this a longer explanation of why I’m not posting a review today. I should be back in the swing of things again tomorrow.

Blogging every day probably won’t continue in December. For one thing, I’m almost caught up on all the overdue reviews. For another, the first week of December is the end of the semester, which means even more grading. I know the students think they have it bad, but I’m going to have to grade some major projects along with catching up on the grading I’m not going to finish before this weekend’s break.

Anyway, no whining here. Just a heads up for what’s going on and why all the fantastic original content will slooooow down. I do enjoy posting with regularity, though, and will try to sort out some kind of schedule for myself in the future. As for tonight, no review. Tomorrow, though!

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