Picking Favorites: Big Little Lies & other feelings

March 29, 2017

Big Little Lies has given me a lot of feelings, so it is featured heavily in this post. Also, goddess and life goals queen Rep. Maxine Waters has breathed life back into my soul, so I may or may not have featured her, too.



“As a leading expert in this field, I must say that it’s ridiculous to me that heroes waltz around their story without any attention to their need (and/or realistic desires) to take a power-nap at the minimum.” — Why I’d Be A Terrible Protagonist: Reason #9: Naps Are Required

“So, today, I called in.  If you have a traditional corporate-type job, this probably doesn’t strike you as anything worth sharing, but I am a teacher.  And my fellow teachers can attest, calling in as a teacher is a big deal.  First off, sub plans are such a pain to write , and second, we feel this sort of moral obligation to never be sick–to never miss a day because our students need to learn, and I, for one, will drag myself into work on death’s door because I feel guilty if I’m not there. […] But I called in today.  And I didn’t do it because I was sick (of body, anyway,) but because emotionally and mentally, I have nothing left in me.” — Calling In

“The intention was to see how complex it is: to show how people lie about it, what it feels to go through it, and how painful it can be for the woman, who is the victim in this case.” — How Nicole Kidman, David E. Kelley, and Others Prepared for Big Little Lies’ Domestic Violence Story Line

“Big Little Lies is full of secrets, but the biggest one might be that a majority of the seven-episode series was filmed in and around Los Angeles, not the Monterey Peninsula area. In fact, only one of the spectacular featured houses is actually on the Monterey Peninsula. Alpert walked Vulture through the show’s main locations, why they were chosen, and how much you’d have to shell out for one.” — Here’s How Much Those Stunning Homes on Big Little Lies Cost

Here’s something else I was going to say — working with Nicole Kidman was really fun. She was very loving and nice. One time she let all the kids get on her lap and she wore a wig in the show and she’s like, “Oh, guys, do you want to play with my wig or something?” So we were all testing her wig and playing with it. My mom’s just like, “Put down the Nicole Kidman. Don’t touch the Nicole Kidman.” — Big Little Lies’ Darby Camp on Playing a ‘Sassy’ Character and Getting Acting Tips From Reese Witherspoon (Read this if you need joy in your life. It is ADORABLE.)

“Please, for the love of multiple intelligences, DON’T show those “Percy Jackson” movies (ironic quotes intentional) in your classroom for a compare-contrast lesson or, gods forbid, a “reward” at the end of your unit. No group of students deserves to be subjected to that sort of mind-numbing punishment. The movies’ educational value is exactly zero. A better use of classroom time would be . . . well, pretty much anything, including staring at the second hand of the clock for fifty minutes or having a locker clean-out day.” — Rick Riordan really hates the Percy Jackson movies, y’all. (This showed up on my FB memories and made me laugh, so I just had to share it again.)

GirlGriot made up her own poetry form.

“Whatever the case may be, as soon as problematic content is addressed usually someone who wants folks to lighten up and let it go comes out of the woodwork – it’s just a game, it’s just a made up story, have fun. For me, I interpret these statements as an attempt to say having fun in the hobby and addressing problematic content are mutually exclusive.” — Where is all the Fun?

“Man, I could go for a PB&J,” the player said.


And then Garnett, in an act with historical reverberations, uttered the now-fabled words: “Yeah, let’s get on that.” — The NBA’s Secret Addiction

“But what I do know is that my students come to college loathing something I love, and are embittered about taking English classes.” — Teaching Students Who Hate Reading

“Peña, the son of Mexican immigrants, talked about how if he gets a role in a movie, and that character doesn’t have a Latino name, he asks them to change it to one. ‘So maybe some Hispanic kid might hear that and be inspired,’ he said, and I wish I could fully explain how fucking dope of a move that is, other than to say it’s a fucking dope move.” — Michael Peña Is His Own Kind of Star

“As a faith, however, we cannot effectively respond to ‘looming threats’ of white supremacy beyond us until we tackle the white supremacy within us”. — Black Lives of UU statement on UU & UUA power structures and hiring practices

“My parents put me in sports when I was 5 years old, and they put my sisters in sports. So that’s what I grew up with, that mentality: ‘It’s OK to want to be the best. Aggression is good.’ You have to have that little walk on the court or down the track. I love to put that into my female characters, because I don’t think enough girls are taught that at a young age.” — The Unstoppable Gina Prince-Bythewood (You may know her as the writer and director of Love & Basketball.)

“Facebook officially released a tool Monday that lets its users — all desktop and mobile users in the U.S. — easily contact their local officials. It’s called “Town Hall,” reminiscent of what Facebook likes to see itself as, especially in political discussion.” — Facebook’s ‘Town Hall’ is probably the best thing the social network has ever done

This March for Science shirt. PERFECTION.

Watching this video of Maxine Waters saying the above was legit the best minute and a half of my day yesterday. Bless.

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  1. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Hahahaha, I am altogether too frightened to click on that link about how much the houses cost. Why are houses so terrifyingly expensive? I also treasure this Rick Riordan link (I am sending it to my brother in law, who teaches high school) and pretty much everything Maxine Waters has done since the election.

    • Akilah

      Those are not normal houses so I expect them to be terribly expensive unlike regular California houses, which are ridiculous.


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