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RIP tWitch #SOL24

March 6, 2024

Nothing made me happier today than turning on Hulu and seeing there’s a new episode (season!) of So You Think You Can Dance, one of my favorite shows ever. I don’t follow their account on social media so had no idea. (I don’t follow the accounts of most competition shows, mainly because I don’t want to be spoiled for anything.) So when I tell you I gasped in surprise and delight, you can believe me when I saw that is literally what I did.

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I had been wondering if/when the show was going to come back. The last season aired in summer 2022, and I remember looking for it the following summer but not being surprised it wasn’t back, especially after the death of tWitch (Stephen “tWitch” Boss, for government purposes). In fact, every time I thought of the show, I thought of tWitch and how the show would deal with his death or if they would or, or, or, and I always just got sad thinking about it. I was absolutely gutted when he died, and I didn’t even know him personally so I had no idea how the people involved with the show (which by all accounts is a tight knit group) were even thinking about dealing with it. I never posted about his death because I didn’t know what to say, but the new season of the show got me thinking about him.

That said, I had no idea what to expect going into the episode, had no idea who the judges were, nothing. I was so, so happy to see that Allison Holker (former contestant and tWitch’s wife/widow) is one of the judges. First of all, she’s an amazing dancing and choreographer and second of all, because of her connection to tWitch, it felt like a nice way to honor him and have him still be there. (I want to be clear that I would love Allison as a judge either way because I love her, so this is not to take away from her individual accomplishments but just to say that since tWitch’s death was so sudden and unexpected, seeing Allison is a positive/good reminder of tWitch and his legacy.) And then Comfort! Who was also on season four with tWitch! Again, accomplished in her own right but still a positive/good reminder that won’t have me just thinking how much I miss tWitch when he’s not on the show but instead being like “aw, remember when.” So I am thrilled by that. I also love that Maks Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars is a judge because that means all three of the judges have actually been on competition dance shows, which I think makes a big difference.

In a perfect world, So You Think You Can Dance would do a tWitch tribute, which is something I think they would have done if the show had been airing either during or right after his death, though I’m not sure how that would work now. BUT IF THEY DID, I would like them to revisit these dances:

RIP tWitch. I think about you often, and you are missed.

I am writing this after having seen only the first ten minutes or so of the episode. Who knows what musings I will have once I’m done.

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  1. Maureen Y Ingram

    Beautiful ode to the show and to tWitch. I haven’t been as passionate a follower of the show, but I have really enjoyed it when I have happened upon it, as I scroll through channels. I wonder if you could share your blog post today with the So You Think You Can Dance cast/producers? Tag their website with your link, perhaps? It is really lovely.

  2. H. Elisabeth Ellington

    So many amazing tWitch moments to remember. I loved this post so much. I think about tWitch more than probably makes sense too. I feel like I’ve watched the dance with Alex literally a thousand times, but I watched it again right now because I am never going to turn down an opportunity to watch that. I also had no idea there’s a new season of So you Think You Can Dance, and I’m super excited to go home and watch–and even more knowing that Alison and Comfort are judges. Thanks for this post! Makes me happy (and sad!) to think about tWitch.


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