#SmashYourStack: Reading My Own Books for the rest of May

May 18, 2016

I know I’m past the halfway point of the month, but I have decided to participate in the Smash Your Stack challenge, which encourages readers to read their own books in May.

Smash Your Stack

I’m moving this summer. Moving = packing boxes. Packing boxes means figuring out which books make the cut. I have a ton of books that I bought from the library book sale that I want to read so I can re-donate. I also have some books that I have been gifted that I haven’t ever read. Now is the time to read them all, so I can scale back and not lug books up and down stairs that I have no interest in rereading.

So! I’m checking in all of my library books today or tomorrow so I can concentrate on the books I already own.

It’s hard work, reading all of these books, but somebody has to do it.

Happy reading, everyone!

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  1. laura

    I haven’t been doing this purposely, but I’ve decided that I have to read all the books in my to-read pile before it takes over like some sort of ivy/kudzu. I’ not reading as fast as I used to – work and family, what is that? – but I’m not doing too badly. I’m hoping to get half way at least by the end of the year. WHO KNOWS.

    Good luck. Now, quit reading this and go pick up a book. :D

  2. Read Diverse Books

    Oh, no! It pains me when people have to get rid of books but sometimes it is necessary.

    Happy reading! I hope you get through as many as possible so the inevitable donation won’t hurt as much.

  3. Trisha

    It’s funny – I would love to participate in a read your own books challenge, but as I just attended BEA, I feel very unclear about what my own books are. :)

    • Akilah

      Hahaha, yeah I’m sure that does affect things a lot. Lucky for me, I didn’t even get to go to the spring book sale, so I have a pretty clear idea of what’s what on my shelf. Hee.


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