SO. TIRED. #sol17

March 12, 2017

I’m sitting here trying to think of what to write about, and all I can think is that I’m going to lose an hour of sleep and that I actually have to finish grading tomorrow. VACATION’S OVER.

(To be fair, I love Daylight Saving Time–I just hate that it always falls at the end of my spring break. RUDE.)

Anyway, here is an exchange I had with my daughter tonight. The background is that she wanted to get slippers. This turned into an unfruitful trip to TJ Maxx, followed by a fruitful trip to Rack Room Shoes and Target. Even though I told her I got my slippers from Burlington, she heard TJ Maxx, so we were there for less than five minutes before she realized the error. Target is closer to TJ Maxx than Burlington is so I suggested we head there first. She decided to detour into Rack Room before going to Target (they’re right next to each other), so then, we left Target and got into the car.

Her: We should just go home. I’m tired.
Me: No, you want slippers. Let’s just get the slippers.
Her: I’m tired.
Me: You’ll be happy you got it out of the way.
Her: If I’m driving, I’m going home. (Obvs, since she was the one who wanted to go to the store, she had to drive.)
Me: No, go to Burlington. I’ll drive home.
Her: I’m just so tired.
Me: I’ll drive home. It’s fine.

She drives to Burlington and barely sings a single song on the way there.



SO TIRED. source


Me: Wow, you really are tired.
Her: I told you.

Go to Burlington, get the slippers. Leave Burlington. She complains about how she was tired and could have waited until tomorrow. Then, she wouldn’t have felt so rushed. Blah blah complain blah she’s so tired blah.

Get home. (Do you already know where this is going? I’m sure you know where this is going.)

Her: My friends are at Steak ‘n Shake. Can I go?
Me: I thought you were SO TIRED. Remember how TIRED you said you were. ‘Oh, I’m SO TIRED. I think I’m going to DIE because I’m SO TIRED.’ Remember?
Her: I’m home now, so I feel better. Plus, I’m an extrovert. Being around my friends will give me energy.
Me: But how will you drive when you’re SO TIRED?

This went on for a while (until she left the house, basically). I never claimed to be mature.


Slice of Life is a writing challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

Slice of Life is a writing challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.


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  1. Kristi Lonheim (@lonheim)

    The tell tale sign, “and barely sings a single song on the way there”. Love the observation.

  2. Myra GB

    HAH! The energy level of the young.

  3. Brian Rozinsky

    Funny sequence — from fruitless to fruitful to… I don’t know… the end of your rope? Hope everyone gets a good night’s rest this evening 🙂


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