Today was a good day

November 11, 2017

So after my post of melancholy and woe, a coworker reached out to me, and we spent part of today together. She and her life partner (it always feels weird to call a couple that has been together forever but isn’t married yet–or that may not get married–“boyfriend/girlfriend.” I mean, we called my [great]grandmother’s partner her boyfriend and they were together before my mother was born and stayed together until he died. “Boyfriend” just seems woefully inadequate in that case, yes? But, as usual, I digress) took me to Grand Central Market and The Last Bookstore, both of which are Los Angeles hot spots and one of which just had a reopening.

I thought I would come home and take a nap after that, but I felt rejuvenated enough to go to this book club event I was waffling on. (I actually found this book club through book blogging! Alysia from My Little Pocketbooks started a book club called Mocha Girls Read, and I remembered that it was in LA, so I looked it up when I got here.) The book club was hosting one of those paint and sip parties, and I have always wanted to do a painting class. Since I was already on an interaction high, I decided to try it out.

I’m glad I went. One of the women said she hasn’t started the December book club selection because she started The Lunar Chronicles and is in too deep to quit now and read something else. I told her we could talk about it at the December meeting since I’ve read the series and understand that she might need to talk to someone about it. So now I’ll definitely feel a little less overwhelmed going to the book club in December since I’ll have met some of the women.

Also, the woman who runs the studio reminded me of my grandmother. So that was nice.

Then, on the way home, my Lyft driver asked me what kind of music I listened to and when I said mostly ’90s R&B, he put on Xscape and Dru Hill. (That partially inspired my GIF choice–gotta rep that ’90s hip-hop.) And that was after the first Lyft driver and I talked about Hamilton on the way to the class. (She saw the play a week ago after not knowing anything about it [!!!] and was blown away. I told her to invest in the cast recording. And also that I hated her.) (I’m kidding about that last part. I didn’t say it, but I did think it.)

Anyway, now I’m home and it’s 10 p.m. on Saturday so of course I’m about to get in bed.

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