Top Ten Book Covers

May 21, 2013

Of books I have actually blogged about! Because I’m lazy and didn’t feel like uploading new book covers. Which is my way of saying, SVH’s Dear Sister totally belongs on this week’s top ten list. Oh well.

Apparently, all those times I said I didn’t like/care about faces on covers was a lie since most of these are face covers. Also, I really love seeing people of color featured on covers. No shocker there. True story: I’m more likely to pick up a book if there’s a POC on the cover. And especially if that POC is rocking some fierceness. (70% of these feature POC on the cover.)

I am also a fan of striking covers. And I chose I Know It’s Over specifically because it is so about the emotion of the story inside.

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  1. nikihawkes

    I especially like the Flygirl one but I like that they all convey the story – great choices! Thanks for stopping by my TTT. 🙂


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