Top Ten Characters I’d Love to Check In With

April 7, 2015

…or the chance to write our own fanon, I’m guessing.


1. Steven from Monster  — I am sure he went to college and is doing great. He also does lots of mentoring and outreach to connect with kids who are on the path to destruction.

2. Zoe and Wheeler from A Crooked Kind of Perfect  — I am sure they went to prom together and either stayed together forever or remained really good friends.

3. Ursula and Matt from Big Mouth & Ugly Girl — I like to think Ursula has let down her guard a little more (and made it to the WNBA) and that Matt invites her to the plays he’s written, and it’s like nothing has changed even though they don’t see each other nearly as often.

4. Ruby Oliver from the Ruby Oliver books  — I love you, Ruby Oliver, and hope you are happy happy happy.

5. Cynnie from The Year of My Miraculous Appearance — I hope you are still sober, Cynnie, and that you and your family have found a healthy way to be in each others’ lives.

6. LaVaughn and Jolly from the Make Lemonade series — Okay, maybe just an update on Jolly’s kids would be nice. Because I’m not worried about LaVaughn at all.

7. Stanley and Zero from Holes  — I kind of feel like that may have grown up to be less wacky versions of Shawn/Gus and JD/Turk.  I’m sure they live next door to each other with a pool that crosses both of their backyards and their kids are friends and maybe even one of their sons married the other’s daughter and now they share grandkids.

8. Kendra from Kendra — Girl, I worry about you so hard. I am sure that you graduated high school with no kids, though. At least, that is the hope.

9. Edward Tulane from The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane — Where else have you been, Edward? What else have you seen?

10. Einar from Son — PLEASE TELL ME YOU FOUND LOVE  AND YOU ARE LIVING HAPPILY EVER AFTER SOMEWHERE. That is all I want for you. Seriously.

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  1. Susan (Bloggin' 'bout Books)

    LOL — I love Shawn/Gus and JD/Turk! I hope the boys did remain friends and continue having great adventures together.

  2. Trisha

    Stanley and Zero!!!!! I love it.


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