Wrap Up: Reading Challenges 2012

December 30, 2012

Don’t worry; this post is going to be short. Mostly because I failed spectacularly at all the reading challenges I signed up for. I didn’t complete a single one. Not one! No, not even the Harry Potter one. Which is fine, really. I mean, I did read The Count of Monte Cristo, which was the biggie. And I got rid of a bunch of books on my shelf that I wasn’t going to read anyway, so you know.

That said, the one thing I wanted to do this past year was read more contemporary YA lit. I was so over fantasy and paranormal and dystopia. Obviously, I still read a few from each genre, but I got back to what I love reading. Very smart.

So next year, I am not doing any reading challenges. I’m just going to read what I want, when I want. Which is what I did anyway. That doesn’t mean I won’t sign up for something that completely pushes me out of my comfort zone (Tea & Books, for example, did help me commit to reading a big ‘un), but I’m going to keep my obligations to a minimum.

Good luck to everyone else on completing all of your challenges!



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  1. Vasilly

    I failed most of my reading challenges this year too. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I often forgot I was participating in them! 🙁 Reading whatever you want sounds like a great idea. Happy New Year.

    • Akilah S. Brown

      I was soooo busy. Or then I got bored by things. Like I picked up Lord of the Flies (Classic Double) but then didn’t feel like reading it. You know how it is. Happy New Year!


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